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What truly goes into a STRUMIS swap-out experience, i.e. moving from a different MIS fabrication management system to STRUMIS fabrication management? Primarily, change and progress. As STRUMIS sees its third release just this year (v10.2), we’re also seeing a continual climb in new customers who are leaving other systems behind to join the STRUMIS software family.

In my experience of working with customers on a daily basis, the idea of such change can be a nasty 6-letter word that so many want to avoid. And so often, when working with companies to holistically assess what their current needs are in migrating to a new MIS system, it’s quite clear that their fabrication division has grown to the point where their current program, whether manual, Excel or another MIS program, is no longer serving their rapid growth, progress or future.

In an attempt to better understand what a customer experiences in learning, implementing and migrating to STRUMIS from a previous system, a large US fabricator was specifically observed and their experiences were documented as they moved from a MIS system they’d outgrown.

During this time, success and ease-of-use after training was observed to stem from each individual’s positive outlook towards embracing the move to STRUMIS. For this very large fabricating company, they ensured the value of why they’d made the choice to leave their previous MIS fabrication management system and move to STRUMIS was vastly understood and relevant to each division, employee and software user, in turn creating a training and swap-out environment that was wholly engaging, energetic and ready to embrace change. Not once was any unwillingness experienced, nor lack of interest. Rather, forward-thinking was shared in terms of new ideas and breakout discussions, parallels were drawn from their previous system and further built upon within STRUMIS, new integrations with other programs were utilized along with new and improved methods and reporting capabilities.

This fabrication company made the choice to leave a system behind that was no longer serving their fabrication needs, and they found that STRUMIS solely provided what they needed both today and in the future, but equally important, the individuals who were key to swapping-out to STRUMIS, and their embracing change, was pivotal to the success of the implementation. The idea of change can be halting, but this case study shows that when the necessity of change is apparent and the decision to make a fabrication change is solidified, great success follows.

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This exciting new release contains an array of fantastic enhancements including functionality that is unique to STRUMIS.

The new features have been driven by our continuous collaboration and communication with all of our customers, demonstrating our on-going commitment to our customers and the steel fabrication industry globally.

New and improved features also mean new and improved benefits, STRUMIS V10.2 will ensure you have better material and time savings which will reduce your overheads. In addition V10.2 provides increased efficiency and improved productivity.

The proof is in the features, the below list includes all of the new additions which will provide unrivalled benefits for you.
System Speed Enhancements
Mill Nesting Enhancements – Linear/Sheet
Editing Existing Plate Nest
Contract Archiving Updates
NC Length/True Length For Nesting

Release Notes click here
If you do not have a valid maintenance contract please do not attempt to install this release. If you are in any doubt please contact your local STRUMIS office or email

If you have any queries whatsoever please do not hesitate to contact your nearest STRUMIS office or authorised distributor, which may be located here.

Before upgrading please back up ALL databases.

If you’re running V9.0.20 or earlier we strongly recommend that you run this upgrade on a test system first as some customers have reported long delays in upgrading to V9.0.22. Please contact if you need a test license key.

If you’re running V10.2 release candidate it will be necessary to uninstall the existing V10.2 installation and install from setup exe or ISO. Do not drop the database this should be upgraded automatically.



2 or More Computers:

If STRUMIS Evolution is to be installed on 2 or more computers, please download the ISO Image here.

STRUMIS_evolution_10_2.iso                           4.20 GB (4,468,283,392 bytes)


One Computer Only:

If it is to be run on only one computer, STRUMIS Evolution setup can be saved from here.

STRUMIS_Setup_10_2_1_6_RTM.exe           2,480 KB (2,480,000 bytes)


Are You A Natural Born Teacher And Love To Travel?

We are looking for a key individual with great all-round interpersonal skills, which allows them to communicate at all levels. To be able to undertake Training delivery on a one-to-one basis or a classroom environment, ensuring that all needs are met, and that all knowledge can be underpinned. During the implementation, the role requires the individual to project manage all aspects from end to end to ensure a successful installation and customer satisfaction, whilst meeting the business needs of STRUMIS. A customer focused individual that can work hard to understand, set and meet the customer needs.

National and International Travel for 20 Weeks a year.


Key Skills

Formal Training Delivery

Advanced PC Literacy

Effective Communication Skills

Organisational Skills

Project Management Skills

Account Management Skills

Logical and Analytical skills for problem solving


Secondary Skill Sets

Previous experience of STRUMIS software

Previous experience within the Steel Fabrication environment

Previous implementation & Technical installation


Job Purpose / Objective of the Role:

To communicate and analyse a customer’s requirements for Pre Implementation configuration

To deliver On-Site and effectively train the STRUMIS products to the customer

To deliver Web Training Sessions for the STRUMIS products to the customer

To facilitate and project manage any system issues via the STRUMIS Support Team whilst on site, to ensure fruition for the customer

To complete all relevant process document to illustrate traceability of the implementation and training

To support the Technical Support Team when not training to respond and reduce support calls

To be effective in communicating system issues, bugs, requests in detail back to the office

Travel to and from customers’ site.


If you are interested in the job role please email your CV to



Reporting In STRUMIS Part 2 – Snapshot BI & Web Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting: To compliment the reporting capabilities that exist within STRUMIS today, Business Intelligence provides all the standard capabilities users expect including reports, ad-hoc analysis, scorecards, dashboards, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The Business Intelligence dashboards allow none developers to access, design and create graphical representations of STRUMIS data as a Web based reporting tool without writing any code which can be viewed from any device that has web browser capabilities.

The advanced capabilities in Business Intelligence delivers online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications. Analysis Services supports OLAP by letting you design, create, and manage multidimensional structures that contain data aggregated from other data sources, such as relational databases like STRUMIS. It is designed to deliver higher level statistics of the business, for example Facility and Contract figures in comparison to the shop floor reports that are required in Production.

Business Intelligence reporting utilises Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) and its OLAP cube technology to allow fast analysis of data retrieval that can be found in multiple dimensional business domains. As the term implies data is stored in a three dimensional cube structure and it is because of this cube structure that vast amounts of data can be retrieved relatively faster than traditional reporting techniques.

This is where the term Snapshot is introduced. OLAP cube data retrieval is optimised because it is working on a snapshot of the database it is connected to, i.e. STRUMIS. Usually Business Intelligence applications are setup to take a snapshot of data nightly which will be reported on in the following day’s KPIs, dashboards & reports. Because of this you will never be reporting real-time on data stored within STRUMIS at that time. Real time reporting will remain in STRUMIS as it is today by running SQL reporting procedures and the Active Reports designer until it is replaced by SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) in the new Web based service architecture version of STRUMIS.

SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS): is a Web based reporting tool which will complement the new Service Oriented Architecture. SSRS is a server-based reporting platform that allows us to create and manage a wide variety of different types of report, and deliver them in a range of formats. We can create basic reports containing tables and graphs, or more complex data visualisations, using charts and maps.

The new service architecture of STRUMIS will communicate with the STRUMIS database via Web service calls. All new reports written in STRUMIS using SSRS will also be accessible via Web service calls in the same way allowing them to be viewed from any device that has web browser capabilities. This reporting capability differs from Business intelligence because they will be real time and pull live data from within STRUMIS and over time will replace all the existing reports ran from within STRUMIS.

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5 Reasons to visit IPS 2017

With the countdown to the IPS well on the way, we are reflecting on the reasons why it’s an event you should not miss.

International Partners -In- Steel, 16th-19th May 2017.



With this motto the IPS opens its doors in Lörrach 2017 for the 11th time. We invite you to take part when the KALTENBACH Group present itself together with numerous partner companies. Don’t miss this event of the steel sector!


1/ Education

The IPS has practically oriented seminars as well as exclusive excursions that will inform visitors about the latest state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the technologies and trends for tomorrow can also be seen.


2/ Innovation

The IPS showcases the latest innovations in the industry with unique demonstrations of the latest processing technologies.


3/ Networking

IPS 2017 is the market place for steel experts and presents an attractive support program which offers the chance for successful and effective networks:

  • Sheet metal, pipe, profile processing
  • Handling
  • Separating, cutting
  • Forming
  • Connect, welding, fastening
  • Surface treatment of metal sheets and profiles
  • Tools


4/ Stability

Convince yourself at the IPS 2017 with the stability of the company, including machinery, partnerships and international service presence.


The robust design of all KALTENBACH machines allows a long lifespan.


With over 20 partner representatives around the world and technology partnerships including STRUMIS (new: RSA and Zeman), KALTENBACH is showing an international presence.


KALTENBACH is celebrating its 130th anniversary in 2017 – a figure that speaks for itself today.


A close network of national and international service partners guarantee the immediate presence of a specialist on site.



STRUMIS are partnering with the IPS to demonstrate our unique world leading fabrication management information software which provides unrivalled features and benefits.

Suitable for every steel fabrication company; to minimise overheads and costs, maximise productivity and profitability; in every step of the steel fabrication process. With STRUMIS you can connect your business resources reducing time, cost and wastage for greater efficiencies, traceability and productivity.


To learn more about the IPS click here.

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Better Management Solutions for your Workstations with STRUMIS

With STRUMIS steel fabrication management software and its many functionalities, steel fabricators are able to more effectively and efficiently manage all of their machines and workstations. The capability of the workstation or machine, including each one’s capacity, can be monitored and tracked and manipulated in such a way that fabricators are getting the most out of each workstation; thus creating better timings for your shop. We all know that better labour timings results in costs savings which ultimately adds to any and all steel fabricators’ bottom line.

Within STRUMIS’ ’Production Control’ module we are able to manipulate our workstation/machine views in a way that allows to easily see only the specific information we want to see. For example, the image below shows how flexible STRUMIS is in allowing us to display work orders for a certain contract, or alternatively we can view all work orders and processes that are currently in production in our fabrication shop; once again contributing to the flexibility of the software as a whole while still being easy to use. Checking the button below allows Production Control to show both items that are currently at the workstation as well as items that are routed to go to the workstation but aren’t there yet.


Furthermore, we are able to track future movements in our shop to see where work orders are going to go, not just where they currently are in regards to routing items through our shop.


Moreover, we can extract useful information from these views within STRUMIS utilising a variety of options. Our ‘grid options’ tab allows you to filter, summarise, and/or group items to see only the information you’d like to see at a certain time. From there we are able to print this information out, email it by connecting directly with Outlook, or export the grids to Excel.

Lastly, we can view our work loading as a graphical representation for a workstation or a process.


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IPS 2017

STRUMIS are proud to be partnering with the Kaltenbach International Partners in Steel (IPS) event in Lörrach, Germany, from the 16th – 19th of May.

The IPS is a complete event: Unique demonstrations of the latest processing technologies, practically oriented seminars as well as exclusive excursions will inform visitors about the latest state-of-the-art technology. In addition, the technologies and trends for tomorrow can also be seen.

IPS 2017 is the market place for steel experts and presents an attractive support program which offers the chance for successful and effective networks:

  • Sheet metal, pipeprofile processing
  • Handling
  • Separating, cutting
  • Forming
  • Connectwelding, fastening
  • Surface treatment of metal sheets and profiles
  • Tools


To learn more about the IPS please click here.


Fisher Cycle Challenge

STRUMIS are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the Fisher Cycle Challenge which will take place on Saturday the 20th of May 2017.

Get on your bike, get fit and help raise some much needed funds for charity.

Join us for a fun, challenging day cycling around Fermanagh this spring. Choose from 22, 45 or 75 mile leisure cycle, starting and finishing at Severfield (NI) in Ballinamallard. Open to all ages & abilities. Free t-shirts, refreshments and food at finish for all cyclists.

For more information and to register please visit


STRUMIS – SIGMANEST Bi-directional functionality for Plate Nesting.


The webinar outlines the new enhanced features between STRUMIS and SIGMANEST.

The enhancements include:

• Nesting to Theoretical Offcuts

• Edit Nests

• Removal of Parts

• Parameter sharing for work orders and marking.

Webinar Dates & Times: (All times mentioned are local UK GMT times)

Tuesday, 4th April, 9:00am – Register Here

Tuesday, 4th April, 2:00pm – Register Here

Tuesday, 4th April, 6:00pm – Register Here


ProNest Integration With STRUMIS

Thursday, March 16 at 11am Eastern / 3pm GMT 

Learn how to reduce waste and maximize material efficiency during this webinar which focuses on how STRUMIS interacts with Hypertherm’s ProNest® CAM nesting software.

If you have any questions during the webinar these can be typed into the ‘Questions’ panel and they will be answered at the end of the session.

On completion of the webinar you will receive:

  • A copy of the slides
  • A link to the recorded webinar
  • A certificate of attendance

To attend the webinar click here.