Comprehensive Doesn’t Mean Complicated

If a solution is able to solve thousands of problems in the blink-of-an-eye, it doesn’t mean it’s a complicated solution; it means it’s efficient and therefore simple.

With technology constantly evolving, changing and further advancing, what was once a solution just a short time ago is now an archaic, inefficient and a distant memory. For example, consider all the road maps we once had stashed in our gloves boxes…

Believe it or not, there was a point in time when road maps were revolutionary and saved travelers all over the world a headache by providing a clear and concise way to plot everything from the small travel trip to the longest journey. Nonetheless, they weren’t without their drawbacks as travelers had to work a few calculations to determine the fastest route, or replot their navigation if a turn was missed.

What was once a brilliant solution now suddenly sounds like a slow, inefficient, logistical nightmare compared to any digital navigation tool of today, whether available on a phone or car. Today, the road map isn’t as illustrious, as you set your digital navigation to automatically pick the fastest route, avoid traffic, avoid particular roads, or seamlessly recalculate if you take a wrong turn.

Much like the road maps of yesterday, Steel Fabrication Management Information Systems may have been cumbersome and clunky to use in the past, and maybe some even still are, but the digital navigation of Steel Fabrication Management does exist within STRUMIS; a company and product that you can trust to get you and your fabrication where you want it to be, via the route you want to take, all while seamlessly avoiding any pitfalls and recalculating to get you there on time.

As we know with digital navigation, comprehensive doesn’t have to mean complicated. STRUMIS is the comprehensive, streamlined solution to save you time and money at the click of button, being easy to use and fully adaptable to your needs.


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Is STRUMIS a Hoover?

In the UK, Ireland and Australia the term “hoover” has long been synonymous with “vacuum cleaner” and generally the verb “to vacuum” referring to the Hoover Company’s dominance there during the early 20th century. Despite Hoover’s no longer being the top seller of vacuum cleaners in the UK, the term “hoover” has remained as a common phrase to describe the chore of vacuuming our homes.

How could a brand name of a product used to suck up dirt from the floors of our homes become so embedded in our culture, become part of our language (and even distort our language) and become so synonymous with a process we all dislike so much – vacuuming – sorry, hoovering!

Well, through need in the first instance, as is the case with most inventions, when in 1908 an asthmatic store janitor and occasional inventor by the name James Murray Spangler, invented the first upright vacuum cleaner to help minimize the impact of the dust on his asthmatic condition and speed-up the task of cleaning the department shop floor.

Once the vacuum cleaner had a name – “hoover” – the rest is history.

But it’s not quite so simple and easy though as just inventing something which helps us humans save time and makes life easier. Any inventor can’t simply revel in their glory of a great invention if they wish to make a business success of their invention and in the early days Hoover vacuum cleaners were given away free to American housewives in order to generate awareness of what a life changing contraption the hoover was in the early 1900’s and still is today – a must have household appliance. But please remember that the Hoover Company didn’t have the luxury of social media and the internet to generate awareness through what modern marketing teams take for granted today.

So… is STRUMIS a Hoover?

Obviously not, STRUMIS is a Management Information System software program for steel fabricators – definitely not a vacuum cleaner but there are some similarities in evolution of product origin, product quality and brand name recognition.

I have had the privilege of working with the STRUMIS program for over 28 years, 13 years as an end user and 15 years working for STRUMIS Ltd. I had the same experience as the American housewives to some extent, by adopting STRUMIS in my last steel fabrication business I worked for – we saved hundreds if not thousands of hours in time. We had a need for improvement in all departments in our business – STRUMIS provided the answer to our needs. The needs of the modern steel fabricators are many – from traceability to reducing man hours to saving cash on material and consumables to improving efficiencies to presenting a modern and forward thinking approach to technology to making our lives easier and ultimately improving profitability.

STRUMIS has evolved in much the same way as the vacuum cleaner, progressively improving to meet the demands of our clients and the steel fabrication industry in general. STRUMIS has gone through three iterations of re-development from DOS in the late 80’s through FoxPro in the 90’s to .NET in 2006 and this constant evolution coupled with extensive marketing, referrals, positive customer experiences, ease of use, comprehensive feature list and dedication and direction from the business directors has propelled STRUMIS on to the global stage in over 57 countries in less than 15 years!


Brand recognition & quality.

We as humans often demonstrate a “loyalty to brand”. We fall in love with our gadgets, our cars, our televisions, our phones. We are driven to stay loyal to a brand which has helped our need, has made our life easier and more rewarding. But brand names don’t survive without quality of product, quality of service, evolution and progressive development of features.

Is the STRUMIS brand name so synonymous with helping the needs of steel fabricators across the world to the same level hoover vacuums helping us clean our floors? Perhaps not quite but the global spread of awareness and appreciation is spreading at an alarmingly pleasing speed and the more end users who experience the same benefit of using STRUMIS as I did is very satisfying to see.

So, again and finally, is STRUMIS a hoover? No, probably more like a Dyson would be my best analogy as the Top Seller today.

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UK Manufacturing PMI rises to highest level since mid-2014

Latest data from the Purchasing Managers’ Indices (PMI) surveys indicated that the conditions in the UK manufacturing sector are on an upward curve as they continued to improve at the end of the third quarter.
With a long term average of 51.5 (2004-2016), it is very pleasing to see a further rise from 53.4 this August to 55.4 in September. This is a positive rebound following a slight slump immediately after Britain voted to leave the EU.


The purchasing managers index (PMI) figures from IHS Markit are given as a number between 0 and 100. Anything above 50 signals growth, while anything below means a contraction in activity — so the higher the number is, the better things look for the UK.

Since Brexit we are continuing to see improvements throughout various sources of data such as the PMI figures which in turn build a greater confidence in the UK market. There are a number of factors which may be contributing;

According  to the Markit/CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI® Report (October 2016),  The domestic market remained a prime driver of new business wins, while the weaker sterling exchange rate drove up new orders from abroad. September saw the level of incoming new export orders increase at the fastest pace since January 2014. UK manufacturers reported improved demand from clients in Asia, Europe, the USA and certain emerging markets.

Although Brexit brought a great deal of uncertainty about how business’ in Britain would fair, there is nothing more promising than a rise in PMI to provide a further positive contribution to GDP in the third quarter.

STRUMIS V10.1 adds to its already leading functionality

STRUMIS V10.1 adds to its already leading functionality by seamlessly interacting with external sheet nesting engines. The new functionality includes being able to edit and add to existing nests prior to cutting. To see how STRUMIS can benefit your company visit


CE Marking – How To Protect Your Hind

What do I need to know?

Since the 1st July 2013, it has been a legal requirement for manufacturers, distributors and importers of construction products for use within the EU to CE Mark their products. Furthermore, since the 1st July 2014, CE Marking became mandatory for all fabricated structural steelwork and is still a requirement after the result of the EU referendum (Brexit).

It is therefore a legal requirement for all fabricated structural steelwork delivered to site to have been CE Marked.

What does this mean for me?

If you are fabricating structural steel products; whether this is steel frames, metal roofing or miscellaneous steel, and putting them on the internal market (European Single Market) – you must be CE certified.

Trading Standards is the enforcement authority for non-compliance in England and Wales. They have the power to force companies to withdraw and/or recall products that do not comply. For certain offences the penalties may include a fine, imprisonment or both.

What can I do about it?

To achieve CE certification, manufacturers will need to demonstrate compliance to the harmonised standard for structural steel and aluminium, BS EN 1090-1.

The standard explains that all fabricated structural steel is safety critical and should be manufactured in a controlled manner. The manufacturer should therefore demonstrate compliance by implementing a Factory Production Control (FPC) system.

A manufacturer’s FPC system will generally be based on a set of controls associated with one of four Execution Classes; Execution Class 1 is the least onerous and Execution Class 4 the most. The FPC system must be assessed by an independent 3rd party called a Notified Body – who will issue a Factory Production Control certificate and a Welding certificate once they are satisfied that it complies with the requirements of BS EN 1090-1.

STRUMIS can assist steel fabricators in complying with the requirements of an FPC system by recording all of their manufacturing processes in the software, including traceability which is a key requirement in CE accreditation.

What is STRUMIS?

STRUMIS is a complete fabrication management system that will help steelwork contractors gain CE Marking accreditation. It is already being used worldwide to improve standards and implement controlled procedures.

Offering solutions for the complete project lifecycle from Estimating, Budgets and Procurement through to Stock Control, Production Tracking and Document Management – STRUMIS reduces costs whilst maximising productivity and increasing profitability.

STRUMIS also offers an Essentials pack for SMEs – with all the features that smaller manufacturers need.

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North Yorkshire Family Business goes from strength to strength with STRUMIS

Mr Jody Stead recognised that as the business expands, more management control over daily processes, material orders, cost control and time recording was necessary to manage their projects in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

After careful consideration of the many software solutions available to Jody it was “Essentials by STRUMIS” which Jody selected in the first instance. Essentials by STRUMIS is the lighter version of STRUMIS designed to help upcoming, small to medium enterprises and which at the time suited A & J Stead perfectly. However, as the business continued to grow Jody recognised the immediate benefits such software programs can delivery and it was this recognition of the improvements Essentials had delivered that he later decided to upgrade to the full STRUMIS software program which in turn delivered even more benefits to his company such as employee time recording through Production Console licences in his fabrication shop and even tracking the project status from the erection site by utilising the Production Console licences on tablets from site!

Strength to strength

Mr Stead has seen immediate benefits even in the first few days following the STRUMIS training program – carried out by our expert training engineer.

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks and feedback on the training and the upgrade from essentials to the full STRUMIS system, it has already shown to be hugely beneficial in a few weeks from us really just running it alongside the old system we had it has shown its benefits, looking forward I think it’s going to make us hugely more efficient and help us massively in reducing the paper work for the CE marking system.”

“We now have the full Production Console licences working in the workshop between a mixture of pc and tablets at each workstation and those tablets you recommended I’ve found on eBay for £55 and seem to work a treat at this early stage, along with this we have introduced a label printer which we are printing labels for all our inventory which seems to be a great step in the right direction, should we ever expand I think we have a great system in place.”

About A&J Stead Ltd


A & J Stead Ltd, a successful steel fabrication family business, based on the outskirts of the beautiful North Yorkshire town of Malton, have adopted the steel industry latest Management Information System – STRUMIS in order to help manage their growing business, eliminate manual data entry, provide traceability, increase efficiencies and ultimately improve profitability on their steelwork projects.



STRUMIS is the complete management information and production system for every steel fabrication company; to minimise overheads and costs, maximise productivity and profitability; in every step of the steel fabrication process. Combining global industry expertise and efficiencies with British service enhancing core competencies, giving you the competitive edge – always.

With STRUMIS you can connect your business resources reducing time, cost and wastage for greater efficiencies, traceability and productivity.

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STRUMIS’ rise and growth in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern market is still facing the effects of lower oil and gas prices. Not to mention the political conflicts within the region that continues to undermine the regional development, thus, hindering Steel Consumption. In this scenario, with cut throat competition, reduced profit margins and fewer projects, the Steel Fabricators are ever more concerned to save costs, effectively utilise their resources, win more projects and still maintain the profits to run their businesses.

And yet the silver lining in this dark cloud is that fabricators are focused on improving their processes. This is where STRUMIS have been the source providing the tools to improve the efficiency of the fabrication process from estimating right up to dispatch and delivery.

In this time and situation, it is great to see that steel fabricators are welcoming change and technology, not just in the fab shops but also in the mind-set of the owners, the directors, the managers and the employees doing the actual fabrication.

BIM to the rescue

One such fabricator was facing serious trouble due to the design and drafting errors resulting in heavy direct engineering design and drafting costs. The management conducted a thorough study and decided to go with STRUMIS and BIM Review to deal with the situation. With BIM review they were able to perform better analysis of situations through simulations. One typical example was running the analysis of a structure in BIM, they found the beams to be failing under the load conditions. This resulted in a change in the shape of the structure, for which the beams where changed. All this was done in BIM, without any movement of the actual material or processes. Imagine the same being done at the actual site. The time, money and labour that would have been involved under such situations are huge.

Everyone benefits

When a general manager was asked what made him choose STRUMIS, his answer was that everyone in his organisation benefits from STRUMIS. And this can be proved by the fact that STRUMIS grows within an organisation with more employees wanting to use STRUMIS and hence there is a demand for more software licences from existing STRUMIS users. Starting from a certain key members who would be using the STRUMIS licence, the numbers grew from managers and estimators to machine operators, supervisors, foremen, site supervisors to their actual customers having been able to view the progress of fabrication at their end. With the new Business Intelligence dashboard, reports generation is at a glance.

The Medium and Small Scale Fabricators

Every generation brings a new mind set to the steel fabrication industry, the heirs taking the baton from their fathers. Out of the companies small to medium scale fabricators are more receptive to technology and eager to evolve. With many opting to start small, these fabricators want to utilise technology to make way into the genre of bigger players. STRUMIS is keen to develop the interest shown by these fabricators and look forward to the opportunity to work with as many of them as possible.

With contracts being awarded for the Soccer World cup in Qatar and the Expo2020 in UAE, STRUMIS is ready to provide its services and support to more fabricators from around the Middle East and help them to take their work a notch higher in terms of productivity, profitability and traceability.

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Kelly Steel turned to STRUMIS

Irish-owned, Middle East-based Kelly Steel turned to STRUMIS when they decided the time was right to automate internal processes.

Based in Ras Al Khaimah, Kelly Steel is perfectly situated to offer their services throughout the lucrative Middle East region. Now with over 20 years’ experience in the industry, they’ve become widely recognised for consistently delivering quality on projects of all sizes; their goal is always to meet and exceed expectations of both time and standard of work. Building on capacity over the years, Kelly Steel now boasts an advanced new factory, designed with large-scale production in mind.



Kelly Steel in a joint Venture with a European Company based in the Netherlands have set up Kersten Middle East and offer 3D Pipe and beam Bending as a subcontractor service, making them the first and only company in the Middle East to do so. This unique capability stems from their wide-ranging experience and expertise with pipe work. They can now perform bending on all types of sections, including rolling for 50mm to 500mm pipe. What’s more they have the ability to create all types of profiles, holes and slots.

One of their most exciting projects to date was Mushrif Park in Abu Dhabi, the largest amphitheatre in the world! This project involved separate scopes that included a 30m high conservatory building, the amphitheatre itself, souk market canopies and shade fabric.


Trusting STRUMIS to deliver

When a business is going from such strength to strength as Kelly Steel, all processes need to be tightened and ultimately automated where possible.  In particular they needed their Purchasing, Inventory Control and Production Control to become more organised, functional and software-based in order to save both time and risk of errors.

STRUMIS Management Information System software program, for steel fabricators, has without question become the default MIS system for steel fabricators in the ME region. With numerous blue chip steel fabricators of all sizes utilising STRUMIS in their businesses, in-turn, it is providing them significant cost and time saving benefits across all departments for our much valued clients.

They were looking for software with the ability to process optimisation to reduce material costs and to provide transparency and traceability across all of their various projects.

It was decided that steel fabrication management software STRUMIS was right for Kelly Steel, as it harnesses work processes through the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients; from estimate tendering, through procurement and production into construction. Covering all requirements set out by Kelly Steel as well as offering more.

The success of STRUMIS within the ME region is due to the maturity of such a well-respected, feature rich and established software program which continues to develop and grow in line with our clients’ needs, and is supported by a regional presence by way of our Dubai office in Deira which is essential to providing pre and post-sales support, training, support and account management.



Noticing the difference

Kelly Steel are reaping the rewards. Director John O’ Kelly says: “STRUMIS has changed the day-to-day running of our business enormously. Saving time, risk of mistakes happening and subsequently money too”.  Mr Steve Watson, Sales Manager of STRUMIS says: “We are enormously pleased to be working with Kelly Steel, their work is well-respected and known about throughout the industry and we are proud that they are such satisfied clients.”


About Kelly Steel 

Kelly Steel Engineering LLC is a local UAE company with Irish ownership. Our location allows for easy access to ports and all the major highways for export. At Kelly Steel Engineering LLC we have the ability to provide a unique level of quality and customer service supported by over 20 years of experience in the industry. Within our current structure we have what we consider all the key players to deliver quality projects on time and on budget. Since its foundation, Kelly Steel Engineering LLC has steadily developed and increased in capacity.


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STRUMIS – The Next Generation

STRUMIS – The Next Generation:

Over the years STRUMIS has gone through three generations of software in both Architecture and style using the very latest technologies available.

The first generation of STRUMIS (known as GoData); helped lead the way in Management Information Systems designed solely for Structural Steel fabricators.

In the late 90’s the GoData flagship product was re-designed and a Windows generation of the system was launched and re-branded as Visual STRUMIS.

In 2004 STRUMIS was re-designed again using the new .NET framework and SQL Server as the back end data store. This generation of the software (known as STRUMIS.NET & STRUMIS evolution); gave the user a much richer graphical experience and the ability to customize reports and the daily use of the system.

We are now currently in the process of designing the fourth generation of STRUMIS. Due to the demands of our customer base and the advances in mobile technology we need to expose STRUMIS to more devices (i.e. mobile, tablet, web browsers).

To cater for this demand STRUMIS will be incorporating a Service Orientated Architecture which will communicate as Web service requests similar to most Web based applications that end users are increasingly more familiar with and expect with today’s technology.

This shift in design will allow the core product and business rules to be maintained by STRUMIS whilst exposing external mobile & tablet App developers for IPad, Android, Windows and Web browser technologies to extend the product further.

This exciting shift in the Architecture will future proof the success for both STRUMIS and the customer base as new and fresh ideas can be incorporated quicker and more efficiently.


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