STRUMIS User Meeting

The SCNZ along with a group of its fabrication members arranged a STRUMIS user meeting at HERA House on the 13th of April.

The goal was to provide an environment in which everyone could share their experience with the software and to also help establish a STRUMIS community in New Zealand.

The meeting was well attended and provided a strong view point of various segments withing the steel fabrication industry. Everyone involved were incredibly pleased with STRUMIS and also the support services that we provide in-house.

The afternoon concluded with a discussion on any questions users had about STRUMIS and plans were put in place to address all the points raised which ended the day on a positive note, with all the users feeling that they were listened to and that STRUMIS is keeping to its promise of continually supporting its customers.

STRUMIS would like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Darren O’Riley (SCNZ Manager) for making the meeting possible and being an incredibly good host.

To learn more about the SCNZ please visit


Watkins Steel

Watkins Steel is a Brisbane based steel fabrication company that has been operating for 50 years. Our work includes 3D laser scanning, detailing, fabricating, and installing structural steel and metal work structures. Specialising in small to mid-size structural steel, metalwork, urban artscapes, architectural structures, and refurbishment jobs, we have the experience and technological expertise to complete a vast range of projects with unparalleled accuracy.

At Watkins Steel, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide first class steel products and services in a timely manner. For us, investing in technology and the skills development of our people is the key to delivering exceptional project results. As a result, we have developed an end-to-end digital workflow for steel fabrication and installation that is unique to Watkins Steel. This process delivers exceptional outcomes, adding value to the builder, by significantly reducing the human error, guess work, and rectification work that costs money and time on construction projects.

Watkins Steel originally implemented STRUMIS back in 2010 as an automated solution for estimating. When deciding between different software, STRUMIS was ultimately the one we felt the most comfortable with as it is industry-specific. It wasn’t until a few years later when we began to see the endless amount of possibilities it could be used for throughout the entire business, and we wouldn’t look back. We use STRUMIS throughout a projects entire life-time from Estimating all the way through to Invoicing, including contract management, procurement and products & control. It aligns with our philosophy of being transparent with all our clients, enabling us to create detailed breakdowns and reports for a project. The capabilities of STRUMIS means we now have one location for everything and can more accurately and efficiently track projects. It makes our ordering more efficient and increases administrative control.

The use of STRUMIS in our business aligns with and supports our investment in having an automated work process. Streamlining an automated administrative process to our automated production process, it reduces risk of human error and improves productivity immensely. We have even aligned STRUMIS with our accounting system MYOB to assist with a semi-automated customer and supplier invoicing process.

One major benefit of STRUMIS for our business is that it allows us to import detail listings directly from our steel detailing software Tekla, which is then used for accurate procurement of materials and traced all the way through to the contract budget for cost analysis.  Another factor that drew us to use STRUMIS was automatic nesting. STRUMIS can nest a 100 tonne steel order in seconds, which would take someone hours to do manually. The increased efficiency from these benefits has allowed us to increase our volume and will ultimately result in cost and time savings.

We recently completed an Architectural Arbour for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village at the Gold Coast. This project was complex, as such the ability to use STRUMIS throughout the projects entirety, meant all project information was kept together in a succinct and efficient manner. STRUMIS was used in the initial stages of estimating right through to purchasing, budgeting and invoicing.


The World Steel Association

STRUMIS are proud to be presenting at The World Steel Association (worldsteel) steel construction conference on the 17th of April 2018 in London. This will be to discuss: Productivity improvements in the steelwork supply chain 1. Automation and productivity 2. The paperless steelwork supply chain 3. Beyond BIM. All key points raised can be addressed via the implementation of STRUMIS software solutions, for more information please visit


STRUMIS Customer Portal

In May, Support will be opening the STRUMIS Customer support portal.  This will give on-maintenance Customers access to FAQs and other supporting documents.  This is designed to supplement rather than replace the Help documentation included with STRUMIS & BIMReview products.  Some examples are Pre-requisites documentation, How To Guides and general questions.

In addition to the FAQs, it will be possible to log licence requests through the Portal , rather than having to call Support.  All that will be required is the licence number on the product.

This portal will require registration and is limited to on-maintenance Customers .  In accordance with GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) regulations, Customers will need to supply consent for Support to be in contact with them.  Once this has been received, we will set up individual accounts & login details.


NASCC: The Steel Conference

Spring Fever? With the change of the seasons and warmer weather approaching, you may be longing for change and improvement in your daily business practices. They call it Spring Cleaning for a reason!

Get out of the office next week for a day or two and head to Baltimore’s Convention Center for the AISC’s annual steel conference, NASCC: The Steel Conference. Never been? Heading to this Steel Industry event is a must for any fabricator! “The Steel Conference is AISC’s annual premier event for engineers, fabricators, detailers, general contractors, erectors, educators and students to learn about structural steel design and construction, to interact with their peers, and to see the latest products for steel buildings and bridges” (“NASCC: The Steel Conference, FAQs,” 2018).

STRUMIS can be found at booth 1412 where we will be showcasing our most recent release, V10.3. Make an appointment or stop by to see V10.3 at work— flattening of phase/lot for easier revision control, packages & containers, estimating fitting nesting, planning enhancements, plate girder enhancements, purchase order credits, and BIMREVIEW 8.3. What’s more, be sure to catch us speaking at the SDS/2 booth, one of our many partners at the conference, on Thursday April 12th at 1:30pm.

NASCC: The Steel Conference

Where: The Baltimore Convention Center

When: April 11 – 13, 2018

Why: Because here’s a free pass and who doesn’t want to see the latest and greatest in steel fabrication management to save more time and make more money?!

To attend on April the 12th enter VIPTHU

To attend on April the 13th enter VIPFRI

Free Pass



We’re delighted to announce the latest release of STRUMIS version 10.3

This exciting new release contains an array of fantastic enhancements including functionality that is unique to STRUMIS.

The new features have been driven by our continuous collaboration and communication with all of our customers, demonstrating our on-going commitment to our customers and the steel fabrication industry globally.

New and improved features also mean new and improved benefits, STRUMIS V10.3 will ensure you have better material and time savings which will reduce your overheads. In addition V10.3 provides increased efficiency and improved productivity.

The proof is in the features, the below list includes all of the new additions which will provide unrivalled benefits for you.

Flattening of phase/lot for easier revision control
Further system speed enhancements
Packages & containers
Estimating fitting nesting
Planning enhancements
Plate girder enhancements
Purchase order credits

Release Notes click here

To see how STRUMIS’ new features could benefit your company sign up to our latest webinar series

4th April – 7:30am GMT & 4:00pm GMT – Production

Packaging and containers, planning & STRUCNC

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10th April – 7:30am GMT & 4:00pm GMT – Plate Girders

Split to plate, filters & receive from work order

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12th April – 7:30am GMT & 4:00pm GMT – Estimating

Nesting of fittings and plates, nesting to mills suppliers

& ability to change a fitting

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Remove The Pain – Enjoy The Gain

STRUMIS has long been the “go-to” Management Information System for steel fabricators around the world with STRUMIS users in 60 countries receiving benefits such as:

Increased productivity

Improved efficiency

Reduced environmental impact

Total traceability

Employee & process time recording

Achieving BIM, ISO & CE Marking compliance

Maximised raw material use

Ultimately leading to improved profitability

Up to recently, investing in STRUMIS meant finding the cash funds from within the business, however, by partnering with one of the UK’s leading IT and software finance specialists, Genesis Capital, we can now offer our clients a range of simple, flexible finance packages that allow you to choose the STRUMIS solution that is the perfect fit for your business, whilst spreading the cost of your investment.

There is no longer any reason for cash-flow and other resourcing issues to delay investment in the best system in the world – STRUMIS – at the time you want it.

STRUMIS Options has a range of flexible finance plans which makes it easier than ever to purchase STRUMIS, enabling you to see a rapid return on your investment in the most cost-effective way – with predictable, affordable monthly or quarterly payments. What’s more, using these facilities can actually make acquiring your STRUMIS solution cost less than using cash due to the beneficial tax treatment that leasing may offer.

Benefits of lease/purchase can include:

Immediate return on investment

Great tax savings potentially available

Improve your cash flow

Get the system that fully meets your needs

A fixed cost for your whole business solution

Simple and quick to arrange

Low, competitive rates

To find out more about STRUMIS Options and discuss your individual requirements please email


West Calder High School

New Steel Construction have released their Annual Review of highlights from 2017. Which provides a highly deserved showcase for the astonishing depth of UK design, fabrication and construction skills used on steel projects of all shapes and sizes.

Within the Annual Review it includes the SSDA Awards, which has just celebrated its 49th year. Some of the projects included were worked on by STRUMIS users, so we would like to use this opportunity to showcase some of the brilliant projects that our customers have worked on.

West Calder High School

Main Client: Hub South East Scotland

Architect: Archial NORR

Main Contractor: Morrison Construction

Structural Engineer: Arup

Steelwork Contractor: Hescott Engineering

Steel Tonnage: 800t

Work is progressing on a new 1,100 capacity secondary school in the West Lothian village of West Calder. The project will replace a nearby existing school and includes a host of amenities such as a swimming pool and other indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

The project architects say the school has been designed with the pupil experience at the core, as well as providing facilities accessible to the local community.

The swimming pool, fitness suite, games hall and outdoor sports pitches will be open to the public at certain times, as will the amphitheatre, which is a feature that forms an integral part of the school’s overall design.

Most of the school’s facilities, such as the pool, games hall and dining area, are all located within large column-free spaces. Consequently, their buildability was one of the main reasons for choosing a steel framing solution for the project.

“Early in the design process we looked at all framing options, weighing up their pros and cons. Ultimately to build the required long spans efficiently and quickly we went with a steel-framed solution,” says Arup Lead Project Engineer Ian Miller.

To read the full article visit the NSC website


A Guiding Light

Market volatility can lead to companies searching for revenue in unexplored territories, which in itself is daunting. There are many unknown factors that will have to be researched and core skills that will need to be acquired.

However a STRUMIS customer found the secret to tapping into these markets. Sayed Hamid Behbehani and Sons Co. also known to many as SHBC have shifted their key focus from oil and gas. This is due to the fact that lagging oil prices are having a direct impact on the market and as a result they are now successfully focusing on Steel Fabrication thanks to their implementation of STRUMIS. They have found a guiding light within this new territory as STRUMIS gently directs them through each stage of the project providing time and cost savings along the way, while also reducing their material wastage therefore reducing their impact on the environment.

With the implementation of STRUMIS Steel Fabrication Management Information Software, you can work within multiple industry focuses such as:

  • Structural steel buildings and bridges
  • Storage silos, tanks and vessels
  • Process pipes, spools and supports
  • Architectural metal works, steps and decks
  • Transmission towers and masts
  • Miscellaneous and secondary steel

The key factor influencing companies to implement STRUMIS is that the software is not specific for any one part of the fabrication industry, however it has been purposely designed for the holistic use within fabrication.

To see all of the benefits that STRUMIS can bring to your company visit


NASCC: The Steel Conference

STRUMIS will be exhibiting at booth 1412 from April 11-13 2018 at the Baltimore Convention Center.

To receive a free pass to the event you can use STRUMIS’ VIP access codes:

To attend on April the 12th enter VIPTHU

To attend on April the 12th enter VIPFRI

Free Pass

NASCC: The Steel Conference is the premier educational and networking event for the structural steel industry, bringing together structural engineers, structural steel fabricators, erectors and detailers. The Steel Conference offers more than 130 sessions on topics ranging from “Stiffeners, Doublers, Web Plates—Oh My!” to “10 Seismic Lessons from the Design of Large and Complex Structures” to a “Fundamental Principles of Project Management and Tools for Project Success.” In addition to  practical seminars on the latest design concepts, construction techniques and cutting- edge research, the conference also offers an extensive trade show, featuring products ranging from structural design software to machinery for cutting steel beams, and plentiful networking opportunities. And one low registration fee gains you access to all of the technical sessions, the keynote addresses, the T.R. Higgins Lecture and the exhibition hall.

To learn more about the NASCC please click here.