How to make your big projects feel small with BIMReview

How to make your big projects feel small with BIMReview

In this modern world where distance is no longer a problem with regards to project collaboration, the best talent can be drawn from all over the world and this can be essential to having a truly successful project.

However although the distance issue has been addressed sometimes communication can still be our downfall. BIMReview with its BIMShare functionality overcomes some of the new problems encountered by this modern approach to construction projects.

Big projects mean big files and these are frequently troublesome, emails won’t allow you to send overly large files and some file sharing sites are not secure enough for certain projects. BIMShare takes the stress out of sending large files by enabling a central repository where smaller portions of the model are synced only when necessary.

Emails and most messaging systems can easily be missed, causing delays and potentially even worse. BIMShare provides alerts and prompts to bring light to changes in the model or its surrounding date. Always ensuring that the data being worked with is the most recent model/drawings.

BIMReview provides an environment where roles from all aspects of the project can have some involvement in the project. This provides a workspace where communication is simple, data can be exchanged and points of interest can be highlighted.

BIMShare is just one of features from BIMReview that can help your business, try it today using a 30 day trial from

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