Invest in your future, invest in technology

How is the Fabrication industry in Australia/New Zealand going to make ends meet going forward?

The current trend in the Australia/New Zealand market is leaning toward investment in technology.

While it is most likely not a region specific problem, high labour costs are a constant stumbling block for Australian/New Zealand fabricators in a market that is already struggling to compete with imported steelwork from low cost centres.

Imports are slowly killing the Australian Steel industry and more and more of our home grown steel producers are closing down.

It is fantastic to see the willingness and tenacity of fabricators to adapt to new technology to try to combat high labour costs and supply issues.

Technologies being adopted start with 3D laser scanning through to detailing systems and on to Fabrication Management Systems, such as our own STRUMIS. Ultimately we are seeing the adoption of automated fabrication machinery including beamlines and even automated welding.

Steel fabricators in the region may be facing the most difficult uphill battle our region has ever dealt with but they are doing it with their heads held high and a ‘never say die’ attitude. Every avenue is being explored and every effort is being made to stay afloat.

You have to respect guys who are doing it hard but still doing it, to see how STRUMIS are helping visit

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