STRUMIS – The Next Generation

STRUMIS – The Next Generation:

Over the years STRUMIS has gone through three generations of software in both Architecture and style using the very latest technologies available.

The first generation of STRUMIS (known as GoData); helped lead the way in Management Information Systems designed solely for Structural Steel fabricators.

In the late 90’s the GoData flagship product was re-designed and a Windows generation of the system was launched and re-branded as Visual STRUMIS.

In 2004 STRUMIS was re-designed again using the new .NET framework and SQL Server as the back end data store. This generation of the software (known as STRUMIS.NET & STRUMIS evolution); gave the user a much richer graphical experience and the ability to customize reports and the daily use of the system.

We are now currently in the process of designing the fourth generation of STRUMIS. Due to the demands of our customer base and the advances in mobile technology we need to expose STRUMIS to more devices (i.e. mobile, tablet, web browsers).

To cater for this demand STRUMIS will be incorporating a Service Orientated Architecture which will communicate as Web service requests similar to most Web based applications that end users are increasingly more familiar with and expect with today’s technology.

This shift in design will allow the core product and business rules to be maintained by STRUMIS whilst exposing external mobile & tablet App developers for IPad, Android, Windows and Web browser technologies to extend the product further.

This exciting shift in the Architecture will future proof the success for both STRUMIS and the customer base as new and fresh ideas can be incorporated quicker and more efficiently.


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