STRUMIS’ rise and growth in the Middle East

The Middle Eastern market is still facing the effects of lower oil and gas prices. Not to mention the political conflicts within the region that continues to undermine the regional development, thus, hindering Steel Consumption. In this scenario, with cut throat competition, reduced profit margins and fewer projects, the Steel Fabricators are ever more concerned to save costs, effectively utilise their resources, win more projects and still maintain the profits to run their businesses.

And yet the silver lining in this dark cloud is that fabricators are focused on improving their processes. This is where STRUMIS have been the source providing the tools to improve the efficiency of the fabrication process from estimating right up to dispatch and delivery.

In this time and situation, it is great to see that steel fabricators are welcoming change and technology, not just in the fab shops but also in the mind-set of the owners, the directors, the managers and the employees doing the actual fabrication.

BIM to the rescue

One such fabricator was facing serious trouble due to the design and drafting errors resulting in heavy direct engineering design and drafting costs. The management conducted a thorough study and decided to go with STRUMIS and BIM Review to deal with the situation. With BIM review they were able to perform better analysis of situations through simulations. One typical example was running the analysis of a structure in BIM, they found the beams to be failing under the load conditions. This resulted in a change in the shape of the structure, for which the beams where changed. All this was done in BIM, without any movement of the actual material or processes. Imagine the same being done at the actual site. The time, money and labour that would have been involved under such situations are huge.

Everyone benefits

When a general manager was asked what made him choose STRUMIS, his answer was that everyone in his organisation benefits from STRUMIS. And this can be proved by the fact that STRUMIS grows within an organisation with more employees wanting to use STRUMIS and hence there is a demand for more software licences from existing STRUMIS users. Starting from a certain key members who would be using the STRUMIS licence, the numbers grew from managers and estimators to machine operators, supervisors, foremen, site supervisors to their actual customers having been able to view the progress of fabrication at their end. With the new Business Intelligence dashboard, reports generation is at a glance.

The Medium and Small Scale Fabricators

Every generation brings a new mind set to the steel fabrication industry, the heirs taking the baton from their fathers. Out of the companies small to medium scale fabricators are more receptive to technology and eager to evolve. With many opting to start small, these fabricators want to utilise technology to make way into the genre of bigger players. STRUMIS is keen to develop the interest shown by these fabricators and look forward to the opportunity to work with as many of them as possible.

With contracts being awarded for the Soccer World cup in Qatar and the Expo2020 in UAE, STRUMIS is ready to provide its services and support to more fabricators from around the Middle East and help them to take their work a notch higher in terms of productivity, profitability and traceability.

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