BIMReview 8.1.5 Release

What’s in the BIMReview 8.1.5 release? It’s not as scary as you’d expect!

After a few days of wondering what that clash in the night was or if you actually heard those haunting cries from the workshop, nonetheless an updated version is arriving to shine a light on some of those things you fear.

So what can we expect from BIMReview 8.1.5?

  • The BIMReview addin has arrived for both Autodesk Revit 2017 and Inventor 2017


  • The BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures now have the option to define bolt sets, allowing the user to specify a set of bolt items which is purchasable as a single item compacting your item listing.


  • Attribute values exported from the BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures for bolts, nuts and washers have been refined to make them more usable.
  • Fixed exported dimensions for contour plates from the BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures.
  • New option available to replace characters that can be considered invalid for profile names within STRUMIS to the BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures.
  • Finally other minor fixes and performance improvements to BIMReview.


Keep an eye on the BIMReview download page for this update coming to you soon.

Not using BIMReview yet then check out what BIMReview has to offer at

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