STRUMIS In The South East

With our success in Australia and New Zealand STRUMIS Australasia is making headway with the expansion in South East Asia. Several visits to high profile sites in Vietnam and Thailand have resulted in negotiations with some of the largest fabricators in the region and the addition of numerous STRUMIS licenses.

In our efforts to move forward and continue to grow we look forward to servicing these new sites as successfully as we have our customers in Australia and New Zealand. We are currently negotiating to expand our team into Bangkok, Thailand, so that we have local representation in the region. We have the opportunity to bring on board a well-known and experienced team who are active in the local fabrication industry.

This is large territory offering many exciting opportunities for STRUMIS. It is a big step toward our goal of continued growth in this and every region of the world. We look forward to the challenges and rewards offered along with this expansion.

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