Remove The Pain – Enjoy The Gain

STRUMIS has long been the “go-to” Management Information System for steel fabricators around the world with STRUMIS users in 60 countries receiving benefits such as:

Increased productivity

Improved efficiency

Reduced environmental impact

Total traceability

Employee & process time recording

Achieving BIM, ISO & CE Marking compliance

Maximised raw material use

Ultimately leading to improved profitability

Up to recently, investing in STRUMIS meant finding the cash funds from within the business, however, by partnering with one of the UK’s leading IT and software finance specialists, Genesis Capital, we can now offer our clients a range of simple, flexible finance packages that allow you to choose the STRUMIS solution that is the perfect fit for your business, whilst spreading the cost of your investment.

There is no longer any reason for cash-flow and other resourcing issues to delay investment in the best system in the world – STRUMIS – at the time you want it.

STRUMIS Options has a range of flexible finance plans which makes it easier than ever to purchase STRUMIS, enabling you to see a rapid return on your investment in the most cost-effective way – with predictable, affordable monthly or quarterly payments. What’s more, using these facilities can actually make acquiring your STRUMIS solution cost less than using cash due to the beneficial tax treatment that leasing may offer.

Benefits of lease/purchase can include:

Immediate return on investment

Great tax savings potentially available

Improve your cash flow

Get the system that fully meets your needs

A fixed cost for your whole business solution

Simple and quick to arrange

Low, competitive rates

To find out more about STRUMIS Options and discuss your individual requirements please email

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