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A warm welcome to Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd.

STRUMIS LTD are delighted to welcome Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. as a much valued partner and STRUMIS customer since their recent investment in the global leading steel fabrication management information system – STRUMIS.

This is the latest in a series of prominent investments in STRUMIS solutions by leading steel fabricators, both nationally and internationally. Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. will be implementing the system across their steel fabrication facility. Mr Patrick Rostron at Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. commented; “We were impressed by the functionality of the STRUMIS system compared to other fabrication management systems out there which covers our requirements from 3D CAD model importing of project data through to production and delivers the functionality we require.”

STRUMIS’ Sales Manager, Mr Steve Watson, commented, “We are thrilled to welcome Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. as a new STRUMIS Client and look forward to working with them.”  He continues, “The addition of Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd. as a customer signifies a recognition of providing first class products and services to the UK market as well as singling out STRUMIS as the leading market solution by primary key players in the international steel industry”

About Leach Structural Steelwork Ltd:

Established for more than 40 years Leach Structural Steelwork Limited, based in the North West of England, are dedicated to delivering a professional service offering value engineering on projects delivered.  This in turn has increased their standing as a preferred steelwork and cladding sub-contractor to a growing number of UK principal contracting companies.

The growth of the company can be attributed to creating good working relationships with clients, expertise and knowledge of the industry, commitment to health and safety, and excellent performance on quality measures both during production and on site.

Working from purpose built offices and factory they have successfully completed a wide range of projects ranging from 50 tonnes to 2000 tonnes of steelwork across many sectors.

How to give yourself the competitive edge

Why “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” doesn’t work anymore

You know that you win projects, that the projects start, that the projects end, but how do you track progress, changing priorities, and profitability on those projects using technology that you adopted or that was developed over 10 years ago?

In today’s increasingly competitive and regulated marketplace, technology is no longer just an expense line but rather a value-add for business.  If you think about all of the data (knowledge) that is produced on a single project, yet alone all of our projects, you must be asking yourself how you can leverage all of it.  Knowledge is power and if you can manage your project(s) data in a single solution, it becomes easier to analyse so that you can manage your business with all of the facts, at your fingertips.

If you often at times find yourself asking questions such as

  1. Why do we win some jobs but not others, which contractors do we win with the most and the least?
  2. What is the status of my project?
  3. What is the status of our portfolio of projects?
  4. Were we profitable or even better yet, are we going to be profitable on this project?
  5. If this deadline moves, how does it affect the rest of the work in my shop?
  6. What do I have in inventory?
  7. Or the best one, IS THERE A BETTER WAY?

The good news is that STRUMIS can help your company answer all of these questions as well as many more.  STRUMIS helps companies manage estimates, inventory, documents, revisions, visual 3D models, purchases, production data, timings, schedules and shipping, we have you covered in a single solution.  By having all of this data in a single solution you automatically have a logical project workflow and the ability to analyse your data from a single project to a portfolio of projects so that you can get a true picture of your business today and what steps need to be taken for the business in the future.


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How to save time with contract specific material rates

Contract Rates & Lengths

For Users who negotiate Contract-specific material rates with their Suppliers, STRUMIS V10.1 is about to make life a lot simpler. For each Contract, you can apply a specific material rate for each Supplier against your Items – meaning that you will no longer have to manually enter or validate your material rates on every Purchase Order you raise.

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How to successfully and easily implement your new system

6 Considerations to Ensure Successful Implementation

When it comes to changing systems it often means having to change processes. But… Are we open to business change? How often do we hear the statement “We’ve always done it like this!” During any implementation there are questions that need to be asked in order to ensure the right decisions are being made.

Initially however transparency regarding the new business direction and implementation is essential.


System Buy-in

Involve senior management – It may sound obvious that any project involving every aspect of the company needs senior management to be involved in order to obtain approval. However it is also essential that they are seen to be involved in order to unite the company and drive everyone in the same direction.

Involve everybody – To ensure greater buy-in make sure that the employees are part of the decision making process.

As part of a STRUMIS implementation we will ask the questions surrounding the following topics to ensure that you get the best out of your system in order to suit your needs.


Business Processes

Knowing your operation and your business processes are key. On Implementation it is often found that processes are:

The Unknown – Therefore different from expected

Inconsistent – Differ between departments or locations

Require change – Sometimes need to be challenged, and therefore require change


Have you gathered the relevant data?

When new systems are being introduced it provides a company with the perfect opportunity to assess their current databases. At this point it is vital that you consider:

Duplications – Has the data been cleared of duplications?

Dated – Is there old data that is of no use any more?

Processes – Are there any new processes or structures of data that can now be implemented?

As part of your STRUMIS implementation we will challenge your data.


Setting up your system

Always take the time to get your system setup and data “Right first time”.  There is always the risk when a project is rushed that 6 months or a year later customers might request to rebuild their database because it simply wasn’t done right the first time.

STRUMIS Pre-Implementation setup – We know the system and you know your company; together we can create a system that suits all of your needs.

Utilise your test / training system – This allows you to ensure the setup and structure works for you without affecting your LIVE database

STRUMIS will always setup a training database, and through our Pre Implementation setup save you time.


Have you allocated the resources?

Learning a new system is a large investment in people and the business, to ensure we get the best from it we need to ensure that employees are:

Right for the Business – Plan the implementation in a time frame that reduces the impact to “Business as usual”

Project Management – Make sure there is one person who sees the process through from purchase to Go Live, and is the key contact throughout.

Super Users – Someone who can see the “Bigger Picture” end to end and smooth the process throughout departments.

For STRUMIS it is important to gather all relevant contacts for the project to save time and involve the right people.


Make the most of your training?

Given the time to learn – What is the employees workload during the training timescale

Sharing the load – Don’t leave it to one person, and make sure the right skills / person are assigned to the training.

Ensuring the knowledge is underpinned – Everyone must familiarise themselves with the system and put the training in to practice during the sessions

Ensuring the equipment is available – Make sure there are enough computers for the candidates to train on.

Within a STRUMIS training plan we ensure time to cover workshops and we encourage all candidates to use the system.


Let STRUMIS as a company and system guide you to a successful implementation.

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How to cope with your steel fabricating scope

To cope with scope of jobs forever evolving, STRUMIS V10.1 provides revision control for Prelim / ABM listings. Quantity, Item, Length and Width changes will all be recognised, and includes the Nesting Rollback feature for Prelim Marks that were previously nested to a bar that is no longer suitable.

Un-nested material will now retain its Batch allocation, to ensure that its re-utilised for the same Batch.

Prelim / ABM Revisions


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How to make better steel fabrication decisions with dashboards


BI Dashboards

STRUMIS LTD. the world’s leading provider of Fabrication Management Software are pleased to announce the introduction of STRUMIS Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboards.  Instant reports, “live” charts, displayed on graphical KPI dash-boards enable our Clients to quickly view production performance, easily analyse fabrication processes, leading them to take informed business decisions with improved confidence.


Visually simpler

Overcoming the dilemma of analysing vast amounts of information from a variety of sources, STRUMIS BI simplifies the task of taking mission critical business decisions based upon historical, current and predictive views of business operations.


Use your KPIs to make more informed decisions

Easily analyse massive volumes of data with impressive charts & graphs, accurately presenting business performance via web-based KPI dashboards.  Simply ‘drag & drop’ database fields into professional quality report layouts, using formulae, functions & equations to calculate production process & fabrication status reports.


Schuff and BI Dashboards

There is an operational imperative at Schuff International and its subsidiaries to ensure that we are managing by metrics and holding ourselves accountable for measurable results. With the introduction of STRUMIS BI Dashboards, we are now able to extend our ability to report and dashboard key financial & production performance indicators to our fabrication and shop operations due to the native integration within our next generation STRUMIS Fabrication MRP system.”

– Mike Weaver, CIO Schuff International

Business leaders and management staff can review real-time operations anywhere, at any time, displayed on iPhone, Android, and web-based Tablet devices, supporting STRUMIS LTD’s mission to develop state-of-the-art technology, providing our customers with a greater competitive advantage to compete in the global Fabrication market-place.


For over 30 years, STRUMIS LTD has developed advanced Steel Fabrication Management Solutions, available in 15 Languages, supported and in-use by over 20,000 Fabricators in 50 Countries. STRUMIS is an all-encompassing steel fabrication management information system that harnesses the information flow and work processes through the steelwork contract between departments, suppliers and clients; from estimate tendering, through procurement and production and onto construction. STRUMIS steel fabrication management software is for engineering and fabrication companies looking to implement a dedicated fabrication management information system to manage across a workshop and all departments including multiple sites, or even across supply chains.


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Planning For Your Successful Steel Fabrication Future

STRUMIS is the world leading steel fabrication management information software and we plan to keep it that way. See the video below for updates to planning that will be included in the upcoming release of STRUMIS V10.1

Planning Enhancements

Plan more accurately with the new enhancements within STRUMIS V10.1. In Long Range Planning, you can now schedule based on Hours per Tonne. Alternatively, you can allocate individual Lots to specific weeks for a more precise forecast. When the same Lots are subsequently scheduled in Detailed Planning, Long Range Planning is automatically updated to reflect any changes – keeping it up to date at all times.

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The Future of Steel Fabrication… First

The future of steel fabrication is actually here now, we’ve been saying it for quite some time. In fact since February 2016 when we released V10, but it seems others are making the same claims (although it might not quite be here now in some cases).

However you don’t have to wait for the future or the full release of STRUMIS V10 because when we say something… we mean it.

The future is here now, we already brought it to the table and now we are ready to broadcast the improvements to our world leading steel fabrication management information software and the upcoming release of STRUMIS V10.1 with a range of short videos beginning with:


Purchase Order Limits and Authorisation

STRUMIS V10.1 delivers improved financial control with the introduction of User Purchase Limits. Each User can have specific limits for Purchase Orders – for either the entire order or individual Cost Codes. When a limit is exceeded, the nominated superiors will be notified by email, with a link to automatically authorise the Purchase Order.

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