How to successfully and easily implement your new system

6 Considerations to Ensure Successful Implementation

When it comes to changing systems it often means having to change processes. But… Are we open to business change? How often do we hear the statement “We’ve always done it like this!” During any implementation there are questions that need to be asked in order to ensure the right decisions are being made.

Initially however transparency regarding the new business direction and implementation is essential.


System Buy-in

Involve senior management – It may sound obvious that any project involving every aspect of the company needs senior management to be involved in order to obtain approval. However it is also essential that they are seen to be involved in order to unite the company and drive everyone in the same direction.

Involve everybody – To ensure greater buy-in make sure that the employees are part of the decision making process.

As part of a STRUMIS implementation we will ask the questions surrounding the following topics to ensure that you get the best out of your system in order to suit your needs.


Business Processes

Knowing your operation and your business processes are key. On Implementation it is often found that processes are:

The Unknown – Therefore different from expected

Inconsistent – Differ between departments or locations

Require change – Sometimes need to be challenged, and therefore require change


Have you gathered the relevant data?

When new systems are being introduced it provides a company with the perfect opportunity to assess their current databases. At this point it is vital that you consider:

Duplications – Has the data been cleared of duplications?

Dated – Is there old data that is of no use any more?

Processes – Are there any new processes or structures of data that can now be implemented?

As part of your STRUMIS implementation we will challenge your data.


Setting up your system

Always take the time to get your system setup and data “Right first time”.  There is always the risk when a project is rushed that 6 months or a year later customers might request to rebuild their database because it simply wasn’t done right the first time.

STRUMIS Pre-Implementation setup – We know the system and you know your company; together we can create a system that suits all of your needs.

Utilise your test / training system – This allows you to ensure the setup and structure works for you without affecting your LIVE database

STRUMIS will always setup a training database, and through our Pre Implementation setup save you time.


Have you allocated the resources?

Learning a new system is a large investment in people and the business, to ensure we get the best from it we need to ensure that employees are:

Right for the Business – Plan the implementation in a time frame that reduces the impact to “Business as usual”

Project Management – Make sure there is one person who sees the process through from purchase to Go Live, and is the key contact throughout.

Super Users – Someone who can see the “Bigger Picture” end to end and smooth the process throughout departments.

For STRUMIS it is important to gather all relevant contacts for the project to save time and involve the right people.


Make the most of your training?

Given the time to learn – What is the employees workload during the training timescale

Sharing the load – Don’t leave it to one person, and make sure the right skills / person are assigned to the training.

Ensuring the knowledge is underpinned – Everyone must familiarise themselves with the system and put the training in to practice during the sessions

Ensuring the equipment is available – Make sure there are enough computers for the candidates to train on.

Within a STRUMIS training plan we ensure time to cover workshops and we encourage all candidates to use the system.


Let STRUMIS as a company and system guide you to a successful implementation.

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