STRUMIS V10.1 Release Webinar/Q&A

Due to popular demand an additional webinar session has been scheduled

Wednesday, 14th December, 7:00pm (UK GMT)


STRUMIS V10.1 is here and it’s loaded with exciting and unique features, spanning the entire system.

We would like to invite you to attend our upcoming webinar to preview all of the latest functionality in STRUMIS V10.1

This webinar will give you first-hand experience of the technology we offer and also a chance to ask our experts questions in a live Q&A session.


Webinar Dates & Times: (All times mentioned are local UK GMT times)

Wednesday, 14th December, 8:00am Register Here

Wednesday, 14th December, 3:00pm Register Here


V10.1 sees the introduction of Theoretical Offcut nesting – providing Users with the ability to nest to available material on Cutting Plans that have yet to be cut. Similarly, the new Edit Nest functionality could save hours of re-work when needing to modify a plate Cutting Plan.

Change Order Management is a completely new module which will provide superior recording, tracking and costing of the inevitable job variations, and our new Plate Girder tools further extend STRUMIS’ handling of build-up sections. Furthermore, enhancements to Long Range Planning will bring greater control over the fabrication scheduling process.

Purchasing departments will benefit from the User-specific Purchase Order Authorisation limits and Contract Specific Pricing library – whilst the evolution of Revisions in Prelim Listing will give transparency on the ever-changing material requirements in the early stages of a Contract, preventing unrequired material being ordered.

A number of small Estimating Enhancements will make the day-to-day tasks of material take-offs, labour application and fittings that little bit easier and, finally, BIMReview has a whole bunch of new and improved features.

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