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V10.1, yet another STRUMIS release.

New platform? We’ve been skating this pond for years…

V10.1, yet another STRUMIS release.

Although it may be a new release, it’s not a new platform… For us at least. Why wait for new features when you can have them now? And not only have them but have comfort in the fact that you know they work.

We have ensured that our software is fit for purpose by tirelessly developing them using our in house team while listening to our customers’ needs and working directly with them so they have the best software suited to their requirements.

V10.1’s release continues the tradition of providing invaluable enhancements and continuous updates, including an array of functionality and control that is unique to STRUMIS and unmatched in the industry.

These new features are driven by our continuous collaboration and communication with all of our customers, demonstrating our on-going commitment to our customers and the steel fabrication industry worldwide.

New and improved features also mean new and improved benefits. STRUMIS V10.1 ensures better material and time savings, in turn reducing your overheads. In addition V10.1 provides increased efficiency and improved productivity.

The proof is in the features, V10.1’s new additions provide unrivalled benefits for steel estimating and fabrication

STRUMIS V10.1 New Features

Change Order Management

Adding/Editing Existing Nests

Contract Material Rates

Prelim Revisions

Planning Enhancements

User Purchase Order Limits

Improved Plate Girder Management

Batch Update Estimate Lines

Improved Fittings In Estimating

To see all of the new features being used in STRUMIS click the link below to watch a recording of the STRUMIS V10.1 webinar.

STRUMIS V10.1 Webinar


Western Australian Government’s Commitment To Supporting Steel Related Businesses

The Western Australian Government has issued a commitment to supporting steel related businesses in the State to become independently certified to the new Australian Standard covering structural steelwork.

WA Commerce Minister, Michael Mischin announced on 2 December 2016 that the latest round of the Government’s Industry Facilitation and Support Program is being devoted to making funding available to support steel fabricators, galvanizers and finishers to meet new national requirements for the fabrication of structural steelwork.

The new National Structural Steelwork Compliance Scheme (NSSCS) instigated by the ASI brings Australia into line with other advanced markets such as the US, Canada, the EU and UK which rely on established third party verified certification schemes to ensure steel fabrication is fit for purpose.

ASI Chief Executive, Tony Dixon said the move demonstrated the WA Government understood the importance of public safety and compliance with quality standards, especially with the global steel glut flooding local markets and non-conforming building products now a major national issue.

Companies hoping to take advantage of the funding will need to take rapid action as the AS/NZS 5131 funding round closes 31 January 2017.

Thank you to the ASI for this story

STRUMIS’ standard functionality will go a long way to assisting clients with the quality and traceability which are at the core of the certification requirements.


To see how STRUMIS can benefit your steel fabricating needs visit


New Year, New BIMReview

What’s new in BIMReview 8.2!

Now we have settled in to 2017 here’s what BIMReview 8.2 can do to help you over the coming year:

  • The Colour by Attribute legend now has check boxes added so you can toggle the visibility of items in the view allowing for greater visibility of the items you care about most.


  • BIMReview can now toggle between selecting parts and assemblies, making it easier to pick the items you need.


  • Available on the right click menu now is the ability to select items similar to the ones that you have selected based on configured attributes.


  • Users no longer have to deal with read only data in BIMReview, on the Model Data grid options the user can now make any attribute in BIMReview editable to allow modifications to their data before passing the model on.
  • To complement making attributes editable in BIMReview the user can now duplicate and rename their attributes so they can copy have an editable copy of the source data.


  • Editing of attribute values is now much faster with the use of the newly added Find and Replace tool


  • Users can now preserve their Model Data grid layouts with the added ability to save and load multiple grid layouts.
  • Colour by Attribute templates have now had a complete overhaul and are no longer constrained to a single attribute to base the templates off of allowing for a greater level of flexibility.


  • A major addition is that of the Sectioning tool which like the Clip tool allows for visible portion of the model to be trimmed down using a box rather than a series of planes or alternatively allow for small section of the model to be trimmed maintaining major of the model on screen.


  • Finally other minor fixes and performance improvements to BIMReview and its accompanying plugins.


Keep an eye on the BIMReview download page for this update coming to you soon.

Not using BIMReview yet then check out what BIMReview has to offer at


STRUMIS at SteelFab 2017

STRUMIS at SteelFab 2017

The STRUMIS Middle East team will be showcasing their products at SteelFab in Sharjah, UAE, considered a “must visit show” by anyone engaged in the steel fabrication industry.

STRUMIS will be at SteelFab 2017 – The Middle East Trade Show for Metal Working, Metal Manufacturing and Steel Fabrication, held from 16-19th January 2017 at The Expo Centre, in Sharjah, UAE

SteelFab 2017 is in its 13th year and is the largest display of steel fabrication machinery and associated engineering products in the Middle East. SteelFab is considered a “must visit” by anyone engaged in the steel fabrication industry.

SteelFab has succeeded in taking advantage of a growing economy and the euphoria surrounding the winning bid to host the World Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE; not only providing attendees with the opportunity to find out about advanced steelwork solutions, it also delivers knowledge about the latest trends in the steelwork industry through an associated range of practical seminars. SteelFab 2017 offers those in the Steel Fabrication Industry an opportunity to be part of this booming market and exciting growth story.

Short, Informative Demonstrations

Whilst at SteelFab, ensure you visit STRUMIS at stand number 182, Hall 4; the STRUMIS Middle East team will be showcasing the STRUMIS Steel Fabrication Software for larger and medium sized steelwork contractors, together with Essentials by STRUMIS a solution for smaller fabrication shops.

The STRUMIS team of engineers and experts will be holding a series of FREE short, informative software demonstrations; providing in-depth insight and solutions for highly effective and profitable structural steel fabrication management. The STRUMIS team will reveal how STRUMIS Steel Fabrication Software pays for itself within the financial year. Stop at the stand to see for yourself just how much STRUMIS could save your Steel Fabrication business.

To request a one-to-one meeting simply register your interest by emailing with the reference SteelFab 2017 demo.


Bringing Structure to Steel in the 21st Century

It’s a new year and what better time than at the start of a new year to look forward to your fabrication’s future. Steel fabrication best practices in the 21st Century call for the utilization of technology to stay ahead of the fabrication curve and remain both relevant and profitable in an ever more dynamic industry. The application of software in the steel fabrication process is no longer a nouveau concept, but rather a vital standard fabrication management practice. Software systems, such as STRUMIS, serve the largest and smallest fabricator alike and enable the fabricator to successfully manage their business, ensuring transparency throughout each department, and safeguarding management of resources effectively.

Software integration is a key component to technology in the steel fabrication industry, linking and connecting everything from your accounting software, CNC equipment, detailing software, to your estimating and production management MRP software, such as STRUMIS, for a seamless flow of information to manage commercial aspects of your day to day business. Gone are the days of running multiple programs, separately.

For instance, did you know technology in the steel fabrication industry today will automatically produce from your BIM Model a rapid Bill of Materials and apply all connection details and processes involved in the project cycle, saving you time and providing you unmatched accuracy in your estimate work?

Change management is now effortlessly tracked in today’s technological steel industry, with all potential changes electronically recorded and costed utilizing a simple budget or a full estimate and costs associated to the change order individually electronically tracked to provide financial traceability.

Risk management is systematically overseen, using technology to log all supporting documentation, including RFI’s and correspondence, which can be found at the click of a button. Gone are the headache phone calls wanting to know why a deadline has changed and scrambling to sift through supporting documents.

In the 21st Century, software technology and steel fabrication are synonymous and provide fabricators and detailers a level of control and efficiency never before imagined, even to the level of live integration to enable detailers to make quick, informed decisions to minimize cost and disruption, by seeing real-time status for materials and manufacturing progress. Here’s to a bright and brilliant 2017, may your estimating be seamless and your fabrication workflow streamlined.

Steel fabrication is evolving and STRUMIS is your partner to help you evolve with the time. To see how STRUMIS can bring your steel fabrication into the future visit