BIM Implementation In Qatar

Around the world, BIM mandates are seeing increased take-up – the European Union have encouraged BIM for publicly-funded construction and building projects in 2016, while Dubai Municipality recently mandated BIM for all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing projects for large and internationally-delivered projects and specialised buildings.

Qatar is the GCC’s fastest-growing construction and infrastructure market, with more than $200-billion worth of projects by 2021. Right now, across the Middle East and especially in Qatar, while there is strong awareness of BIM technology, organisation-wide adoption of the system has been lagging.

Existing and prospective strategies, procedures, technologies, standards, challenges and opportunities for adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) by the Qatari construction industry and major consultants and project owners are considered as high level requirements to facilitate lifecycle information flow, reflecting the global construction trends.

Simply put, BIM is a design management and project planning tool. Used correctly and fully it has the capacity to minimise project delays and cost over-runs- major issues in Qatar and to maximise the on-site management for planning and executing construction or infrastructure projects. It enables all stakeholders to access relevant information to manage projects faster, with less unexpected costs and more sustainably. It can also fully manage the design process and ensure that the original designs and project specifications can be fully carried through the entire life-cycle of the project from designer to consultant to contractor and sub-contractors.

With Qatar witnessing its ongoing construction boom, the country must adopt a national approach towards developing BIM standards. A variety of international standards is available worldwide, and used by different countries. Government may mandate its use on the major infrastructure projects. Dubai Municipality already led the way with this. BIM is being implemented on Lusail City, Qatar Rail projects and most Qatar Foundation projects.

With so many developments in the industry, we at STRUMIS would like to partner with the Steel Fabricators to provide with the necessary BIM tools to cater to the need of the hour.

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