Supply The Competitive Advantage.

Iconic and visually stunning steel construction projects like the Forth Bridge, Burj Khalifa, Queen Elizabeth ii Bridge, The Shard , Dubai Airport, STRATA SE1 London (the tall building you see on the Apprentice TV program), Derby Multi-Sports Arena, Terminal 5 Heathrow, Burj Al-Arab, Golden Gate Bridge and too many more to mention here, are the master piece of the architect, designer and the steel construction company (The Fabricator).

Their combined expertise and skills have forged our landscape for many years and as steel structures become more free-flowing and seemingly able to defy our limited imagination, our landscape takes on a very futuristic look, you only have to look at some of the brilliant sports stadiums produced around the world to see how steel as a building material and the people behind these amazing structures can produce not just somewhere functional and practical to live, work and play but they are simply amazing and beautiful. For what it’s worth, I  can’t stop staring at Burj Khalifa when in Dubai!

For all the glorious achievements, accompanied by richly deserved “back-slapping” rituals by architect, designer and steel construction companies, we hear very little about the source of the projects steel skeleton that wow us each and every day – the Steel Supplier and Steel Manufacturer (Steel Mill).

Without the steel supplier and mill, none of the previously mentioned projects would be possible, without the steel supplier and mill working in harmony – most of the time – with the architects and designers from a build ability and strength perspective and the steel construction company from a supply/demand perspective our landscape my look very different, very concrete looking!!

At STRUMIS Ltd we understand the need for collaboration on a grand scale, from design and detailing models at the front-end to steel erectors at the back-end but in the middle there is a great deal of additional integration and collaboration going on especially when it comes to the STRUMIS MIS System. This is when we join up the 3D model with the steel requirements and the steel manufacturers and suppliers. There has been an established link for many years on this critical data flow path between steel construction company and their steel suppliers, it’s called STRUMIS EDI and is available to all steel suppliers and fabricators to ensure an error free, automatic transfer of material requirements for a project, through nesting/optimisation of material requirements against available stock lengths and automatically feeding this information back to the fabricator in a timely and error free fashion.

In the bad-old days before STRUMIS was well established and globally renowned as the “go-to” Management Information System for steel fabricators there was very little mileage in any steel supplier installing the STRUMIS Supplier EDI licence simply because there were only a few select steel fabricators who had adopted STRUMIS at their end, however, with the regional and global spread of steel fabricators who have now implemented STRUMIS within the steel construction factories, the steel supply chain has never been so streamlined and automated which in-turn contributes to the delivery and construction of the most amazing steel structures we all enjoy viewing and working in today.

Steel suppliers who have implemented the STRUMIS Supplier EDI licence within their workplace have found distinct commercial competitive advantages through offering to streamline the steel fabricators steel supply chain, in-turn, providing significant cost and time saving benefits to both the supplier and the fabricator.

For more information on the STRUMIS Supplier licence visit to learn more about the competitive advantage a steel supplier can achieve.

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