Expedite YOUR Structural Steel Estimating Process with STRUMIS Estimating Flexibility

STRUMIS offers cutting edge technology to streamline your estimating process, from receiving a RFQ from your customer and on through the process of turning that estimate into a contract, STRUMIS allows you to more accurately and effectively track all aspects of your estimates. Estimates within STRUMIS can be performed in more ways than one, giving you the flexibility in performing takeoffs for your entire structural and miscellaneous steel project bidding needs.

STRUMIS can handle your steel estimate in multiple ways; by utilizing model-based estimating, on-screen takeoffs utilizing our BlueBeam and/or PlanSwift integration, or manually taking off items and entering them quickly into our software. This gives the steel fabricator the flexibility from estimate to estimate in how they choose to perform each individual takeoff.

With model-based estimating in STRUMIS, users can import a model from our extensive interfaces with any and all 3D modeling software packages, and automatically apply labor and connection to material to those steel items that will be imported seamlessly into your quantity takeoff within STRUMIS. Our labor codes are applied parametrically, thus eliminating the need to go back in and change any connection material sizes after applying a labor code; STRUMIS does this work for you!


If a fabricator chooses to perform an on-screen takeoff, STRUMIS works with a variety of software that allows the user to eliminate the need to perform the takeoff by hand from printed drawings. STRUMIS customers have exhibited significant cost-savings associated with STRUMIS’S on-screen takeoff software integration, because fabricators are no longer having to print large scale drawings and thus save on those expensive paper and printing costs.  A simple pdf drawing file can be pulled up on the estimator’s screen, and with a few clicks they are able to add any steel item to their quantity takeoff, measure to scale that steel item, and apply labor and connection material to that item.


Lastly, estimators can manually takeoff steel items with our extensive steel items library, match labor and connection material; apply various coatings/finishes to those items, and also the option to apply many other costs to each individual steel item or the entire takeoff.

Regardless of which option in STRUMIS you choose to perform your steel estimate, our estimating software will reducing duplication, increase accuracy, speed up the estimating process and bottom line increase your company’s profit, with ease.

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