Only Enter Data Once With STRUMIS, No Matter How Many Pieces Of Software You Use.

STRUMIS prides itself on many things, it’s no secret that we work hard to deliver our customers world leading steel fabrication management information software.

A main aspect we take pride in is that we are able to streamline and simplify all of your projects. One way we do this is to create two-way communication between STRUMIS and 3rd party software.

This means that for key processes such as purchasing, inventory control and production tracking, the work only needs to be done once, and all the relevant information can then be synchronised in real-time between STRUMIS and compatible 3rd party systems, whether this be a company-wide ERP,  an accounting package or a timecard capture software. Beyond the time you can save using this integration there are other benefits such as reducing human errors in data entry.

Nobody wants to enter the same piece of information multiple times, in different formats, in different software, in different locations. So let STRUMIS and its integration platform do the work for you.

The STRUMIS Integration platform allows for the connectivity of external 3rd party data sources to communicate, mirror and link the data objects created or modified from within STRUMIS with any 3rd party data source real time by utilizing the SQL service message broker, and intercepting the events raised by the Notification Listener. Information created in other systems can also be imported into STRUMIS via a mapping process which validates to the xml schemas required for their business objects.

The STRUMIS Integration Platform installer comes pre-installed with a test harness, code samples and in-depth help file allowing 3rd party developers to hook into the capabilities of the Integration wrapper. The installer also includes three templates (Integration Console, Integration Service & Integration File Watcher), that we encourage 3rd party developers to use as a starting point for extending the functionality to meet any further or specific needs.

All three templates perform the same function as “engines” to start and stop the Notification Listener on the STRUMIS database. It is envisaged that the console would be used for development purposes and the service for system testing and production. The file watcher can be used to process incoming xml files located in the configurable input folders and output any outbound data into the configurable output folders.

The file watcher differs from the other two templates as no understanding of coding is needed, and it will process any inbound xml files that get copied into the input folders. Outbound xml files will only get created if you have selected ‘Notify on Insert’ or ‘Notify on Update’ against the required Business Objects in ‘System Integration Settings’ within StruMIS.

The new STRUMIS Web service architecture will slowly replace the Business Objects accessible from the Integration Platform as and when each Business Object gets exposed via the web services, eventually replacing the Integration wrapper entirely. This will further extend the Integration capabilities to end users that wish to incorporate 3rd Party notifications accessible via Web service calls in the same way allowing them to be viewed from any device that has web browser capabilities.

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