Monthly Archives: September 2017


BIMReview V8.3 Released

STRUMIS LTD continues its strong start to 2017 with the latest release of BIMReview V8.3 which focuses on the standalone application functionality.

This release contains the following new features and enhancements:
New Tekla Structures 2017 plug-in (in msi and tsep packages)

New Advance Steel 2018 and 2018 plug-ins (in msi and Autodesk app store packages)

Requirement of administrative rights to run BIMReview has been removed

BIMReview and its associated plug-ins are now digitally signed

New drawing panel providing a concise view of all drawings and cam files embedding in a BIMReview file.

New model comparison tool added for comparing attribute data changes between two or more models

Enquire tool now shows assembly attributes when using assembly selection mode

Sectioning tool enhanced to be able to use multiple section boxes

Added to the Model Data grid is the ability to add columns whose values are defined by a formula

SDS/2 XML import now provides an interface and imports user defined attributes specified in the XML.

Advance Steel SMLX import now uses Advance Steel 2018 dependencies ensuring the import get import the latest files from Advance Steel

GA and Erection drawings are embedded in the BIMReview from the Tekla Structures plug-in and the SDS/2 XML import

Series of enhancements to the Tekla Structures plug-in including options to exclude bolts, welds and cuts from the export, options to export the selected items as individual charts or complete assemblies and configuration for mapping materials to nuts and washers
Other minor fixes and performance improvements

BIMReview continues to demonstrate that it is a complete BIM collaboration solution and provides value from your BIM based construction projects.

Why not see how BIMReview can benefit you and your business. Download a free trial here.