Happy New Year

STRUMIS Ltd would like to wish a happy and prosperous New Year to all our customers, partners and contacts.

2018 also represents and celebrates 30 years of the STRUMIS software program, designed to help steel fabrication companies save time, money and increase efficiencies across their manufacturing business.

As an early adopter of the STRUMIS program (formerly GoData) I remember the DOS programming tool providing a very simple and easy to use user interface for STRUMIS/GoData along with very quick data entry, this was in the most part due to the old F1, F2, F3, F4 etc method of selecting your next data entry key function, very simple, speedy and effective way of creating your bill of material lists inside STRUMIS/GoData, this was life before Mice!

In the late 1980’s GoData was used by very few and only English speaking users who were mainly UK based. Things really started to take-off when STRUMIS Ltd (formerly AceCad Software Ltd) acquired GoData Ltd the company and GoData the DOS based software program in the late 1990’s. From that point onwards a program of continual development, which is today stronger than ever before, was embarked upon.

As technology changed so did our focus.

Continually re-investing in the most up-to-date technology was, has been and always will be the secret to the global success STRUMIS now enjoys as market leader. Foxpro was the next evolutionary step for STRUMIS where “GoData DOS” became “GoData Visual” and not much later a complete re-branding to “STRUMIS Visual” based upon Foxpro was the driving force allowing STRUMIS to go Global.

In 2004 STRUMIS again was re-invented and re-developed from the “ground up” utilising .NET technology. A four year development program heralded the latest and greatest STRUMIS.NET which brought about massive changes to what was an excellent STRUMIS Visual program with ground breaking flexibility and ease-of-use.

Languages no longer took months to incorporate but days, the data search grids came alive with user “custom fields” handing over a level of development skill to our end users through the use of Infragistics Data Grid Control technology.

Bar Coding was included for tracking parts and time keeping, interfaces with 3rd party accounts and MRP programs are standard, interfaces with most CNC machines was standard, connections with 3rd party plate nesting programs, the 3D BIMReview model interrogation & collaboration tool was included and a host of other features and functions to long to mention here which we could only dream of a few years earlier.

As we listen to our customers’ needs, we learn. Simplicity, speed and ease of use is still critical. One of the newest features in the latest STRUMIS release is like going back to the 1980’s DOS days to some extent… we have included the option of material data entry whilst staying on the keyboard – no mouse required – just like the good old days.

Now in 58 countries worldwide with thousands of users, I  look forward to seeing where the STRUMIS 40th birthday celebration will take the program, the pace of evolution of STRUMIS is staggering and our imaginations are the limitations.

As always, our customers – the steel fabrication companies – will drive the evolution and direction of STRUMIS, we simply have to ensure we provide the latest technology, whatever that may be, to ensure a future proof platform and program with unrivalled features for our customers to continue to benefit from their investment in STRUMIS.


To see how STRUMIS could benefit your company visit www.strumis.com

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