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STRUMIS welcomes SISCOL India on board the STRUMIS wagon of world class steel fabricators using STRUMIS Management Information Software for Steel Fabrication Management.

Having implemented SAP B1 as the Enterprise Resource Planning Software for the group, SISCOL have decided to integrate it with STRUMIS for better material management, effective utilisation of scrap and remnants and tracking their material through bar coding. Here is a brief introduction about SISCOL India:

India’s construction sector, at present, is witnessing a major change as it is progressively opting for steel structure based construction solutions in lieu of RCC system – much the same way as major developed countries like the US, Japan, Korea, China and Europe have done during their years of major infrastructure growth.

Steel based construction, apart from offering higher strength solution, enable completion in a much shorter time and also give technical flexibility for complex construction. A substantial part of these structures are factory manufactured and assembled at ground level to enable rapid installation at site. The manpower, as well as area required at site, required for steel based structure is also considerably less compared to RCC construction.

Indian steel structure industry is still in its infancy but with increasing local availability of rolled and fabricated structures, the industry is set to grow exponentially in the years to come. While several small and medium fabricators already exist, none of them possess complete capability to meet the full customer needs and engage with stakeholders like Developers, Architects and Contractors for achieving optimal solution.

SISCOL pioneered by a group of visionary & experienced veterans of India’s Steel and Construction industry, entered into a “Technical Service Agreement” with iconic Yongnam Engineering and Construction Limited of Singapore to provide state-of-art and complete end-to-end solutions as a part of their value proposition.


Northern Weldarc

We are delighted to announce that Northern Weldarc have purchased and started to implement STRUMIS and BINREVIEW into their business.

Northern Weldarc Ltd needed to leverage new and emerging technologies in order drive their performance in the Fabrication industry.  NWL engaged in a thorough research of all fabrication ERP and BIM technologies, to which STRUMIS and BIMREVIEW provided the best solution for NWL due to the fact that the system’s functionalities are centric to steel production and is customising to different operation environments.  STRUMIS provides NWL with the ability to synergize core operational activities within Engineering & Design, Drafting, Estimating, Supply Chain Management, Production, Accounting, Project Management, Document Management, and HR Management.

Northern Weldarc Ltd have commented “STRUMIS and BIMREVIEW gave us the ability to get a job to the shop floor within a day of the job being given the green light to fabricate.” Which especially helped with their work on the Edmonton Police Station (EPS) Northwest Campus.

This project involved the construction of a new Northwest Campus facility for the Edmonton Police Service (EPS).  The Campus will bring together five key EPS facilities into one synergetic whole. The unique design will establish a presence into the city from the north that will create an urban edge in the surrounding community. The intent of the design is both to provide EPS with the infrastructure it needs to deliver its mission and to express the core values of EPS in built form.

With the implementation of STRUMIS, NWL was able to utilise STRUMIS modules to correlate operational activities from the design and engineering & drafting of the building, materials management, to steel production.

Within BIMREVIEW, NWL was able to load the building model into the system that allowed our engineering & drafting team to efficiently produce drawings required for the building entirely. Drawings that were produced were then loaded into STRUMIS which was then utilised by the procurement and production team to produce Bill of Materials for procurement and create production schedules.

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Model Data

BIMREVIEW is the tried, tested and trusted 3D model project review tool for steel fabricators, which is free with every STRUMIS licence.

BIMREVIEW is able to provide a multitude of advanced model data providing you with a competitive edge in the planning process. Giving you access to advanced 4D planning tools: delivery schedules, erection plans and maintenance timetables. While also linking plans to real 3D geometry providing greater clarity.

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In need of change: Steve Blurton from StruServices, who specialise in Subcontract 3D steel detailing, tells us of their main problems prior to BIMREVIEW: “Localisation of models in a single environment was a big issue for us. The fact that BIMREVIEW allowed us to bring multiple models together from lots of different authoring systems, especially Revit® and Tekla®, meant that we’d be able to gain the ‘bigger picture’ we were looking for on our larger projects.”

Before BIMREVIEW was implemented, Steve says the team were working with printed drawings, the issues were evident, Steve explains: “Multiple views and details within drawings would need to be generated for referencing. This all added valuable time and increased cost to each project.”

“Along with the multiple file import interfaces, we found the most useful tools to be the clash detect feature, the IFC export and the ability to add our own data to models”, says Steve. BIMREVIEW’s clash detect gave much more control than other systems in the capability to define exact tolerances for clashes and also set up processes for dealing with the individual clashes within the system.

BIMREVIEW helped StruServices enormously when handing over a model to the customer they have found that being able to add their own documents to items within the model is a key benefit that they’ve made lots of practical use of, as Steve explains: “This helped out enormously when handing over a model to the customer for facilities management purposes. We were able to attach things to the model, like maintenance schedules and specification sheets, which previously would have had no association to a 3D model.”

Steve tells us they have several large upcoming projects for which they will be using the features of BIMREVIEW fully. “Being able to collect these different model types in a single environment and then produce a single IFC file from that is a real benefit”, says Steve. StruServices tell us they will also be paying particular interest to upcoming new releases as BIMREVIEW’s features have made a genuine and positive difference to their office and overall business efficiency.

So, would StruServices recommend BIMREVIEW? Steve’s answer is clear…

“Most definitely! Being able to easily collaborate on a project whilst, at the same time, being able to add data to that project is the reason we will be continuing to use BIMREVIEW.”

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Innovative Visualisation

BIMREVIEW is the tried, tested and trusted 3D model project review tool for steel fabricators, which is free with every STRUMIS licence.

BIMREVIEW visualises data contained within a model, allowing you to; colour code models to see different categories of data, create labels for selected information, apply realistic material images and create custom fly-through animations. BIMREVIEW even exports models to Google Earth – for advanced environment visualisation. Whatever your visual requirements, BIMREVIEW provides the solution.

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3D Model Tools

BIMREVIEW is the tried, tested and trusted 3D model project review tool for steel fabricators, which is free with every STRUMIS licence.

BIMREVIEW provides you with easy to use yet advanced 3D navigation tools. They also allow you to bring models from different project partners from various CAD systems into one space and then intelligently positions them.

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Model Interrogation Tools

BIMREVIEW is the tried, tested and trusted 3D model project review tool for steel fabricators, which is free with every STRUMIS licence.

BIMREVIEW’s model interrogation tools are able to access data inside models: from simple item enquiries to advance measuring systems, integrated drawings and CAM (NC) viewers. Allowing you to quickly find required items within a project.

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Tekla User Day – Dubai

STRUMIS are pleased to be presenting at the Tekla Middle East Users’ Day 2018 in Dubai.

This year the TUD will cover 2 days with the theme Truly Construable and will feature great educational and informative sessions, where attendees can learn more about the software.

Mr Mohsin Khan, will be presenting at the event to discuss the benefits that STRUMIS is bringing to the steel fabrication industry.

The event will allow you to interact on a one-on-one basis with both the STRUMIS and Tekla Middle East teams and learn about major features.

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Temple Mill Steelwork

Temple Mill Steelwork Engineering tell us why BIMREVIEW was the right choice for them.

Based in Nottinghamshire, but working throughout the UK, Temple Mill Steelwork Engineering work on projects ranging from alterations to new-builds. Keen to keep their business moving with the ever-changing times, they wanted to ensure they had the software that could ensure second-to-none levels of organisation and procedure management, save man-hours if possible and improve on the crucial communication factor that can be painstaking and time-consuming when dealing with various drawing systems from numerous engineers and other professionals.

Temple Mill WorkshopDan Tipple explains the problems they faced prior to using BIMREVIEW: “Basically we had a clash checking issue. The collaboration between our trade and others resulted in various issues, and time/money wasted as it was commonplace for us to be working from numerous drawings and having to manually check these against each other. The clash detect tool really allowed us to deal with problems before the fabrication stage, which in turn saved us substantial amounts of resource on projects.”

Thankfully BIMREVIEW can directly address this issue by identifying conflicts from the outset, helping engineers to rapidly spot and resolve any potential issues. “We’d used 3D perspective views to indicate some of the intricate details and connection details prior to BIMREVIEW”, Dan tells us, adding: “But then StruServices told us about this new product and we wanted to find out how it could impact our business.

Dan is clear on where it has helped Temple Mill the most: “The member ID locator, the measure tool, the screenshot function and the clash checker have proved invaluable to us”.

Business is growing for Temple Mill, they’ve recently secured a £1 million pound (GBP) contract and they’ll be utilizing the BIMREVIEW software throughout the management of this. They’re also hoping that the future will see all the design team at Temple Mill having the BIMREVIEW software installed as standard.

Dan said he’d definitely recommend the BIMREVIEW software to others in the industry. For more information on the benefits of BIMREVIEW visit


Collaboration Tools

BIMREVIEW is the tried, tested and trusted 3D model project review tool for steel fabricators, which is free with every STRUMIS licence.

BIMShare’s intuitive collaboration system tools enables the user to share BIM project information remotely without having to send an entire model. Employing a user defined server location to share elements such as clash results, mark-ups and redefines additional models, file attachments, measurements and more.

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