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Save Money Instantly.

In short, STRUMIS options will allow you to buy STRUMIS without feeling like any money has left your account. This is due to the time and material savings reducing your overheads, coupled with the low interest rates provided by lenders.

For years the steel fabrication industry have been targeted – and in equal measure – supported by finance lease/purchase offerings from a plethora of financial institutions ecstatically happy to provide funds for capital investment in machinery and other bright, shiny tools and machines steel fabricators rely upon to ensure they remain competitive.

It is only in recent years that software programs have begun to be considered as a worthy investment and worthy of the risk element of lending cash to the hard working steel fabricators. However, software programs – through the eyes of the money lenders – which are vital to Steel fabricators – are now enjoying an increasingly flexible and welcoming approach by such lenders. It is, after all, worth noting and stating the obvious, that software programs seldom rust, breakdown and eventually end up in the recycle bin after a few short years drilling, punching, scribing and cutting steel.

So why the reluctance by some money lenders to finance software investments in the past? Perhaps it’s difficult to hand over cash on something you can’t see and feel, perhaps it’s because a software program is usually a “licence to use” and not ownership or perhaps it’s always been available (if you search hard enough) but due in part to our engineering backgrounds it simply didn’t seem “the right thing to do” or more probable – didn’t even enter our thoughts as something remotely possible.

In today’s world of super low interest rates, increased competition and reduced margins for money lenders – coupled with increased workloads and confidence in the steel construction market, the UK and ROI steel fabricators are taking full advantage of the choices available when looking to invest in software to help improve their business bottom line. There are many advantages to lease/purchase of your software investment, low interest rates, spreading the cost of investment over 3, 4 or 5 years, significant tax advantages and ROCE.

Cost Saving Benefits of Lease/Purchase:

Keep your hard-earned cash in the bank. Wrap-up all your costs in to one low monthly payment.

Payments for lease/purchase are normally classed as “revenue expense” therefore 100% tax allowable.

ROCE = Return On Capital Employed – valuable cash reserves can be retained within the business and used to drive other areas of the business.

STRUMIS Ltd have long recognised and appreciated the decision making process by our much valued customers involves some tough decisions surrounding the financial cost of investing in STRUMIS in addition to the many other considerations surrounding change and possible disruption to their business. The financial cost of investing in the STRUMIS MRP software program and associated services can be the one hurdle some decision makers find hard to get over. However, in recognition of this vitally important element of any due diligence and decision making process we have partnered with Genesis Capital Ltd in order to offer our new and existing customers……. “STRUMIS Options” …….a low cost lease/purchase option of investing in STRUMIS over an extended period of time with the added tax and ROCE benefits discussed above. Indeed 6 of the last 8 steel fabricators investing in STRUMIS have opted for the lease/purchase option providing financial and time saving benefits whilst paying a small monthly fee a win-win situation for the steel fabricator.

For more information on “STRUMIS Options” please refer your enquiry to or call +44 (0) 1332545800 for a budget quotation on how affordable STRUMIS can be.

  • STRUMIS Ltd are not FCA registered.
  • Genesis Capital (Financing & Leasing) Ltd. Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 679618
  • Minimum amount financed £2000.


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