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Reporting in STRUMIS (Part 1 – Real time Reporting)

There are multiple reporting capabilities in STRUMIS in the current architecture and new reporting features being developed that will complement the new architecture moving forward.

There are over 200 system reports in the current system today and some of these reports started life in the GoData DOS system which have been migrated through each major release of the software. However we are always improving the software.

Active Reports is one of these improvements. STRUMIS uses the Active Report engine to allow the user to extend the functionality of the “look-and-feel” of what actually gets printed to paper. This can vary from a simple column name change to full grouping and re-ordering of the entire report. Further to this the engine also has scripting capabilities to allow developers to hook into the various header and footer events for more advanced scenarios’.

SQL Server is used for all front end reports and each report has its own stored procedure where the business logic is gathered, shaped and projected then sent to the report engine. Complex custom reports can be created in the same way however the user will take ownership of the stored procedure and it will not be effected by STRUMIS updates.

The powerful grid controls that are displayed throughout STRUMIS in searching and object creation can also be used as a reporting tool. The grids have the ability to (filter, group, order, aggregate totals, highlight certain columns and alternative rows). Further to this the grids can be printed to a report or exported to Excel and Email.

Both the Active Reports and exporting from the grids contribute to the real time reporting within STRUMIS. Part 2 of Reporting in STRUMIS will cover Snapshot Business Intelligence reporting using SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), and Introduce SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) as a Web based reporting tool that will complement the new Service Oriented Architecture.


Are large scale demountable buildings feasible?

Traditionally demountable structures in Australia have been confined to small scale, carnival buildings, mining sites and school classrooms.

Steel is recyclable and is one of the worlds most recycled products, although the process consumes only marginally less energy than smelting from scratch.

The ability to reuse steel reduces that environmental cost to almost nothing and steel lends itself to reuse. Bolted construction is already commonplace in commercial structural steel buildings.

Needless to say that some research and development would be required to develop components and connections appropriate for disassembly.

Checks and measures would have to be put in place to follow reused steel and test and track the structural integrity and reuse of steel supports.

It is already industry standard to have unique barcodes on each steel component making steel an easily traceable product.

With an easily accessible list of available materials, architects, engineers or suppliers could conceivably track steel to the point that they could incorporate steel, currently used in an existing structure yet to be dismantled, into the early stages of a new construction design process.


Despite the difficulties in implementation, this idea deserves to be considered as a way to reduce economic strain and environmental impact.


Win an Advanced Steel Fabrication MIS package with STRUMIS and ProNest at FABTECH 2016

STRUMIS will be exhibiting at FABTECH 2016 in booth #C21026 to showcase our stunning release of STRUMIS V10.1, see below for upcoming features videos.

Change Order Management

Adding/Editing Existing Nests

Contract Material Rates

Prelim Revisions

Planning Enhancements

User Purchase Order Limits

During the exhibition STRUMIS will be teaming up with ProNest in order to offer attendees a chance to win an advanced steel fabrication MIS package including STRUMIS licenses and a heavily discounted ProNest 2017 nesting software license, set-up for integration to STRUMIS.

In order to win attend a demo at both the STRUMIS #C21026 and ProNest #C27069 booths to get a signature on your raffle ticket.

Click here to see the full list of prizes that are being given away.


BIMReview 8.1.5 Release

What’s in the BIMReview 8.1.5 release? It’s not as scary as you’d expect!

After a few days of wondering what that clash in the night was or if you actually heard those haunting cries from the workshop, nonetheless an updated version is arriving to shine a light on some of those things you fear.

So what can we expect from BIMReview 8.1.5?

  • The BIMReview addin has arrived for both Autodesk Revit 2017 and Inventor 2017


  • The BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures now have the option to define bolt sets, allowing the user to specify a set of bolt items which is purchasable as a single item compacting your item listing.


  • Attribute values exported from the BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures for bolts, nuts and washers have been refined to make them more usable.
  • Fixed exported dimensions for contour plates from the BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures.
  • New option available to replace characters that can be considered invalid for profile names within STRUMIS to the BIMReview plugin(s) for Tekla Structures.
  • Finally other minor fixes and performance improvements to BIMReview.


Keep an eye on the BIMReview download page for this update coming to you soon.

Not using BIMReview yet then check out what BIMReview has to offer at


Case Study: Canam Group

We’re delighted to announce that Canam Group has signed a Corporate Agreement to purchase and implement STRUMIS across their structural and bridge sites.

Canam Group is a leading provider of design and fabrication of construction products, and develops innovative and pioneering solutions by focusing on customer satisfaction, manufacturing effectiveness and digital revolution.

A Detailed Review

Before deciding on how to proceed to more efficiently manage their fabrication and production, Canam Group embarked on a comprehensive and detailed six month review of all available steel fabrication and production software/vendors and assessed offerings against their own in house systems.

This review, which also included a full pilot project, was conducted by a Committee led by two Canam Group Vice Presidents, a General Manager and also included many of Canam Group’s 85 man strong IT team.

The Objective

The objective of the Canam Group’s committee was to evaluate the viability of replacing or upgrading their legacy systems with the best solution to provide an integrated BIM compliant solution across all their structural and bridge facilities to facilitate superior communication and multi-site fabrication management. An important additional aspect that the Committee considered was the ability to integrate with four primary systems – Oracle, Tekla Structures, SDS/2 and various incumbent CNC machines.

STRUMIS Selected

Further to Canam Group’s substantial research of all the available choices on the market to deliver a dedicated, multi-site, integrated steel management and production information system, Canam Group selected STRUMIS to be implemented into their sites. Jean Thibodeau, Senior Vice- President InteliBuild and Information Systems at Canam Group commented; “Following a comprehensive 6 month evaluation of the various steel fabrication management solutions available, we decided STRUMIS was the best solution for Canam Group due to a number of key factors. STRUMIS was by far the most comprehensive and feature rich solution available, enabling us to replace multiple legacy systems. Utilizing the STRUMIS Integration Platform and the latest .NET and SQL technology ensured we can integrate STRUMIS with our existing Oracle ERP system, our engineering and detailing software, as well as bar coding, tablet and CNC equipment. STRUMIS will save valuable time handling and managing key operational data across our multiple fabrications facilities.”

Regional Manager commented, “We are extremely proud that the Canam Group team has elected to implement STRUMIS across their sites; this is a significant addition to our prestigious global clientele and we are pleased to continue our outstanding working relations with them.” STRUMIS Technical Director, Simon Inman, commented, “We are delighted to welcome Canam Group and are looking forward to working with them and indeed we have already started implementing STRUMIS.”

About Canam Group

Canam Group is a manufacturing company with over 50 years experience specialising in the design and construction of products and solutions. With close to 3,500 employees, Canam Group is a leading provider of design-build and virtual design construction and a principal supplier in the design and fabrication of construction products, with an annual turnover in excess of US$750 million.

In 2011, Canam Group completed 9,240 construction projects, and operates 20 manufacturing plants, covering an area of 3,112,535 square feet (289,160 m ), with an annual production capacity of 764,000 tons. Canam Group has engineering offices in Canada, the United States, Romania, India and China, and has created alliances in China and France.

By sustaining its leadership role in the digital revolution and construction of energy efficient buildings, Canam Group provides long-lasting products and solutions that endorse development efficiency and productivity.

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