The Middle East And The Future Of Steel Fabrication

The Middle East is soaring with opportunities and the next five years is going to be a huge boost to the infrastructure and development in the region. The looming crisis of the dip in the oil prices had previously slowed down the materialisation of potential projects, but the market is now gaining pace. This is all thanks to the numerous projects announced by the Head of State. Every Steel fabricator in the region is eyeing the projects that are linked to either Expo2020, Soccer World Cup 2022 or the building projects in Saudi Arabia.

In the UAE alone, there is massive development planned for the next 5 years. Major projects like the extension of the Airport terminals, additional Metro Stations for the Expo and along the Dubai Canal, Hospitality and housing projects for over a million square feet with the expected growth of 37%, leisure and tourism attractions like theme parks, Dubai One, Dubai Creek Harbour, museums, MBR City and the Al Mamzar Waterfronts, are also being targeted for the next 5 years. With the Soccer world cup alone 5 new stadiums are to be constructed with supporting facilities like hotels, hospitals, metro projects and more. Saudi is also catching up with commencing major projects.

STRUMIS is your partner to achieving your fabrication goals for the next five years and beyond. With the above developments, what we have already seen is the expansion of business for our customers in the Middle East, which means the requirement for better traceability, improved productivity and profits, and reduced losses.

With high competition faced at every level in the fabrication industry, cost savings is of prime importance. On an average there is 9-11% wastage of material in a general fabrication shop. With STRUMIS, the offcuts and remnants can be placed back in the inventory with the actual true shape available meaning that they can then be used for future projects, reducing the material wastage to as little as 3-5%, giving a net saving of up to 5-7% in wastage. For a medium sized fabricator procuring 50tons of steel per week, it could mean that the average savings with STRUMIS would be around USD 80,000 – USD 90,000 per year.

In the next five years, concepts like the theory of constraints and lean manufacturing would not just be limited to bigger names in fabrication. Medium to small sized fabrication units would also need to accept these in order to be at par with the rapid rate of growth. These concepts require regular monitoring to ensure smooth flow without any bottlenecks. STRUMIS, with its Business Interface, provides you with a customizable Dashboard to monitor all the parameters of your fabrication workflow. This would ensure that every small problem or delay is not just observed, but acted upon with the optimum solution.

Many in the Fabrication industry are the old school geniuses. But the next five years would see the inevitable in the industry. CHANGE – in the method, in the outlook, in the way of doing things. We are modernizing every aspect of our lives. And the same will be implied to fabrication. Paperless transactions within the shop would ensure faster and smoother workflow. With the STRUMIS mobility app, you can record production process timings with the use of mobile phones and tablets.

Steel fabrication is evolving. STRUMIS is your partner to help you evolve with the time. To see how STRUMIS can bring your steel fabrication into the future visit

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